The Newton Fund review: report of the Sub-Committee on the work of ICAI Contents


56.We welcome BEIS’s steps towards developing a value for money framework and the great strides it has made towards publishing more data on its administration of ODA. Nevertheless, we have found progress made towards improving the Newton Fund’s performance, specifically, too slow and unlikely to have any durable impact before the current phase closes in 2021. We therefore hope that all of ICAI’s and our recommendations will be acted upon by the Department if it is to bid for an extension of the Fund at the next Spending Review. This would be a major gain on its own merits for a Fund that is very substantial but also would set an excellent example for other ODA-supported, dual-purpose, funds. We will continue to monitor closely how BEIS meets its commitments using ICAI’s next Follow-Up review and our ongoing interest in dual-purpose funds and non-DFID ODA spending.

Published: 15 June 2020