Covid-19 in developing countries: secondary impacts Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

COR numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1ADD International (COR0164)

2ARISE Consortium (COR0168)

3Abiola, Kolawole Olusola Adeniyi (COR0171)

4Action for Global Health (COR0153)

5ActionAid UK (Joanne O’Neill, Senior Advocacy Manager, ActionAid UK) (COR0038) and (COR0158)

6Aid to the Church in Need (COR0141)

7Alcock, Heather (External Affairs and Advocacy Manager , VSO ) (COR0123)

8All-Party Parliamentary Group for International Freedom of Religion or Belief (COR0156)

9Anthony, Joseph (Public Affairs Adviser, Save the Children UK) (COR0037)

10Aston, Ms Rachel (Policy Manager, CBM UK) (COR0054)

11Backhurst, Ms Jane (Senior Humanitarian Adviser, Christian Aid) (COR0062)

12Barber, Dr Martin (Chair, United Against Inhumanity Association in the UK (UAI in the UK)) (COR0112)

13Beacon, Mr Mark (International Officer, UNISON) (COR0121)

14Beattie, Dr Amanda Russell, Dr Gemma Bird; Dr Jelena Obradovic-Wochnik; Dr Thom Davies; Dr Patrycja Rozbicka ; and Dr Arshad Isakjee (COR0065)

15Berwick, Miss Lucilla (Humanitarian Policy Officer, British Red Cross) (COR0035) and (COR0071)

16Bond (COR0157)

17Bulman, Mr James (External Relations Associate, UNHCR, The UN Refugee Agency) (COR0028)

18CBM UK (COR0137)

19Campbell, Simon (Field Coordinator, Border Violence Monitoring Network) (COR0099)

20Casteran, Sarah (Policy and Advocacy Advisor, Mercy Corps) (COR0008)

21Castres, Pauline (Policy Manager, Leonard Cheshire) (COR0021) and (COR0114)

22Chalkidou, Dr Kalipso; Carleigh Krubiner; Patrick Saez; and Ian Mitchell (COR0120)

23Chapman, Kathleen Spencer (Head of Policy, Advocacy & Research, Plan International UK) (COR0050)

24Childs, Ms. Michelle (Global Head Policy and Advocacy, Drugs for Neglected Diseases initiative) (COR0086)

25Compassion UK (COR0151)

26Concern Worldwide UK (COR0155)

27Craig, Claudia (Senior Government Relations Adviser, UNICEF UK) (COR0072)

28Daley, Michelle (Chairperson, Reclaiming Our Futures Alliance, International Committee (ROFA IC)) (COR0098)

29Department for International Development (COR0060) and (COR0133)

30Diallo, Dr Abdourahmane (Chief Executive Officer, RBM Partnership to End Malaria) (COR0010) and (COR0083)

31Drescher, Lucy (Head of Parliamentary Advocacy , RESULTS UK) (COR0032) and (COR0073)

32Efange, Sophie (Policy Manager, Gender and Development Network; Research, Advocacy and Movement Building Manager, Akina Mama Wa Afrika; and Program Manager, The African Women’s Network on Communication and Development (FEMNET)) (COR0093)

33Egan, Mr Julian (Director, Advocacy & Communications, International Alert) (COR0094)

34Eoin, (European Affairs and Partnerships Outreach Associate, Search for Common Ground) (COR0111)

35Fairtrade Foundation (COR0146)

36Falcon, Rebecca (Campaign Manager, The Syria Campaign) (COR0025)

37Farmaner, Mark (Director, Burma Campaign UK) (COR0004)

38Faure, Elisabeth (Director of WFP London Office, World Food Programme) (COR0064)

39Ferguson, Dr Kate (Co-Executive Director , Protection Approaches) (COR0078)

40Few, Professor Roger; and Dr Iain Lake (COR0082)

41Flemming, Matilda (European Affairs Manager, Search for Common Ground) (COR0029)

42Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (COR0136) and (COR0142)

43Forest, Ms Rosemary (Senior Advocacy Officer, Peace Direct) (COR0018)

44Forest, Rosemary (Senior Advocacy Officer, Peace Direct) (COR0067)

45Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics (FIND) (COR0134)

46Fraser, Mr Euan (Public and Corporate Affairs Manager, International Justice Mission UK) (COR0068)

47Gender & Freedom of Religion or Belief Working Group (COR0159)

48Gender and Development Network; and Nawi-Afrifem Macroeconomics Collective (COR0166)

49Global Financing Facility for Women, Children and Adolescents (GFF) (COR0140)

50Global Witness (COR0130)

51Guglielmi, Silvia (Qualitative Researcher, Gender and Adolescence: Global Evidence (GAGE) Programme, Overseas Development Institute (ODI)) (COR0103)

52Hamer, Jessica (Head of Policy and Campaigns, Health Poverty Action) (COR0127)

53Harding, Miss Elizabeth (Humanitarian Representative, Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF)) (COR0092)

54Hartberg, Mr Martin (UK Director, Norwegian Refugee Council) (COR0046)

55Henderson, Dr Callum (Director, Comfort International) (COR0001)

56Hickman, Miss Rachel (Senior Campaigns and Public Affairs Officer, Concern Worldwide (UK)) (COR0036) and (COR0109)

57Human Rights Watch (COR0173)

58Husselby, Ms Katie (Coordinator , Action for Global Health Network; Coordinate Working Group of UK Global Health-Related Networks, UK Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Network; Coordinate Working Group of UK Global Health-Related Networks, STOPAIDS; Coordinate Working Group of UK Global Health-Related Networks, ICAN; Coordinate Working Group of UK Global Health-Related Networks, UK Working Group on Non-Communicable Diseases; and Coordinate Working Group of UK Global Health-Related Networks, UK Coalition Against Neglected Tropical Diseases) (COR0012) and (COR0125)

59Ingram, Mr Timothy (Senior Government Relations Adviser, Tearfund) (COR0113)

60Innes, Mr Jimmy (Chief Executive, ADD International) (COR0017) and (COR0089)

61Institute of Development Studies (COR0154)

62International Committee of the Red Cross (COR0169)

63International Foundation for Electoral Systems (Catherine Barnes, Vice President, Global Growth and Outreach, International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES)) (COR0087)

64International Growth Centre, London School of Economics (COR0150)

65International Justice Mission UK (COR0148)

66International Rescue Committee (COR0152)

67Jackson, Barbara (Public Affairs and Policy Adviser, International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)) (COR0030)

68Jackson, Mr Matt (Director, UK Office, UNFPA) (COR0011) and (COR0085)

69Johnson, Amy (Interim Government Relations Manager, World Vision UK) (COR0024) and (COR0079)

70Jones, Gareth (Member, Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights) (COR0045)

71Jones, Tim (Head of Policy, Jubilee Debt Campaign) (COR0055)

72Kahhaleh, Mrs. Jade (Coordinator/Lead Campaigner, We Exist!; and Lead Campaigner, Half of Syria Campaign) (COR0053)

73Kramer, Anna (Strategic Research Coordinator, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine) (COR0108)

74Lee, Harri (Senior Technical Expert - Disability Inclusion Lead , Social Development Direct (SDDirect)) (COR0041) and (COR0077)

75Lennon, Jane (Individual member, UK Working Group on NCDs) (COR0118)

76Loughran, Mr Chris (Senior Policy & Advocacy Advisor, The HALO Trust) (COR0096)

77Lucas, Ms Alice (Advocacy and Policy Manager, Fairtrade Foundation) (COR0003) and (COR0081)

78Lunn, Mr Adam (Advocacy Officer, Peaec Brigades International UK) (COR0027)

79Lyne, BRAC UK Chris (Advocacy & Communications Manager, BRAC) (COR0074)

80Lyness, Mrs Sarah (Communications and Development Director, International Growth Centre) (COR0051)

81Mac, Mr Eolann (Support Officer, Frontline AIDS) (COR0042)

82Madhavan, Ramya (Global Head of Education, Street Child) (COR0122)

83Mahalingashetty, Ms. Anu (Manager, TB Alliance) (COR0007)

84Marie Stopes International (Bethan Cobley, Director, Policy and Partnerships) (COR0006) and (COR0143)

85McGechie, Ms Cheryl (Marketing & Public Affairs Director , Education Development Trust ) (COR0106)

86McLean-Knight, Hannah (Advocacy Officer, Oxfam GB) (COR0075)

87Mercy Corps (COR0147)

88Mines Advisory Group (MAG) (COR0165)

89Mollett, Howard (Head of Humanitarian Policy, CAFOD) (COR0057) and (COR0107)

90Morris, Mr Tim (Director, Tim Morris Consulting Limited) (COR0061)

91Morris, Ms Claire (Global Advocacy Director, Worldwide Hospice Palliative Care Alliance) (COR0129)

92Munro, Miss Kate (Advocacy Manager, Action against Hunger) (COR0059)

93Murphy, Ms Fionnuala (Head: Influence, Frontline AIDS) (COR0128)

94Nadel, Mr Sam (Head of Government Relations, Oxfam GB) (COR0058)

95Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC UK) (COR0144)

96OECD (COR0131) and (COR0135)

97Omar, Ms Kafia Abdurahman (Policy and Advocacy Adviser, War Child UK) (COR0013)

98Open Doors UK & Ireland (COR0145)

99Phelan, Mr Oliver (Advocacy Officer, International Rescue Committee) (COR0040)

100Plan International UK (COR0138)

101Polsky, (Senior Manager, External Relations, Unitaid) (COR0117)

102Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV) (Neil McCarthy, Vice President, Head of External Relations, Medicines for Malaria Venture) (COR0019) and (COR0080)

103Ramalingam, Ben (Senior Research Associate, Active Learning Network For Accountanility and Performance / Overseas Development Institute) (COR0102)

104Results UK (COR0161)

105Rhodes, Francesca (Senior Advocacy and Policy Adviser, CARE International UK) (COR0034)

106Rickard, Anna-Joy (Head of Projects , Tony Blair Institute) (COR0047)

107Rieser, Mr Richard (General Secretary, Commonwealth Disabled People’s Forum) (COR0101)

108Robinson, Sophie (External Affairs Officer, Institute of Development Studies) (COR0015)

109Rowland, Megan (Government Relations Officer, Tearfund) (COR0031)

110Russell, Zoe (Parliamentary Officer, Age International) (COR0033) and (COR0066)

111Russell, Mr Alastair (Senior Public Affairs Adviser, Save the Children) (COR0124)

112Ryder-Jones, Lewis (Deputy Chief Executive, Scotland’s International Development Alliance) (COR0110)


114Saltmarsh, Mr Matthew (Senior External Relations Officer, UNHCR) (COR0090)

115Santis, Lorenzo De (Consultant, Global Engagement, Partnership and Resource Mobilization Division, International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)) (COR0115)

116Save the Children (COR0139)

117Shapiro, Ian (Chief Executive, Reall) (COR0009)

118Sharp, Dan (Public Affairs Manager , Overseas Development Institute ) (COR0048)

119Shilton, Johnny (Advocacy, WaterAid) (COR0095)

120Shivji, Ms Aleema (CEO, Humanity & Inclusion UK) (COR0005)

121Smith, Anthony (CEO, Westminster Foundation for Democracy) (COR0091)

122Smith, Fred (Member, International Disability and Development Consortium; and Partner, International Disability Alliance ) (COR0020)

123Sumner, Andy (COR0056)

124Tabasam, Ms Eva (Policy, Advocacy & Comms Coordinator, Gender Action for Peace and Security (GAPS)) (COR0014)

125Talbot, Mr Rohan (Advocacy and Campaigns Manager, Medical Aid for Palestinians) (COR0084)

126The Coalition for Religious Equality and Inclusive Development (CREID) (COR0162)

127Truscott, Polly (Foreign Affairs Adviser, Amnesty International ) (COR0052)

128UK Collaborative on Development Research (COR0163)

129UNFPA (COR0167)

130VSO (COR0160)

131Vlahakis, Maria (Policy & Advocacy Manager VAWG, Womankind Worldwide) (COR0043)

132Vlamings, Ms Lizet (Head of Advocacy and Research, Consortium for Street Children) (COR0022) and (COR0126)

133Voce, Alex (Parliamentary Adviser, Sightsavers) (COR0076)

134Watters, Ms Lauren (Co-Chair, Bond Disability and Development Group ) (COR0016)

135Whitehead, Ms Alice (Advocacy and Parliamentary Coordinator, Bond Disability and Development Group) (COR0026) and (COR0069)

136Willis, Dr Daniel (Policy & Campaigns Manager, Global Justice Now) (COR0023) and (COR0070)

137Woodroffe, Jessica (Director, Gender and Development Network) (COR0088)

138World Bank (COR0172)

139Wuorinen, Jeffrey (Senior Vice President, Chemonics International) (COR0049) and (COR0097)

140Younane, Ms Isabelle (Senior Advocacy Manager, ActionAid UK) (COR0116)

141Zagefka, Prof Hanna (COR0063)

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