Children and Young People in Custody (Part 1): Entry into the youth justice system



1 Introduction

Background to the inquiry

2 Overview of the current youth justice system

3 The Youth Justice Population

Offences and sentence length

Complexities of the cohort

4 Diversion from formal criminal justice processing

Out-of-Court Disposals

Problems with out-of-court disposals

Liaison and Diversion

5 Minimum age of criminal responsibility

Arguments against reducing the age of criminal responsibility

6 Racial Disproportionality

The youth justice population

Race and diversion from formal criminal justice processing

BAME children and Remand

7 Youth Courts and Sentencing

Sentencing options for children

Use of Remand

Issues with current sentencing options

Delays and the timing of court proceedings

Youth Experience of Court

Covid-19 and the courts

Conclusions and recommendations

Formal minutes


List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

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