Delivering the Government's infrastructure commitments through major projects Contents


1.The Government has committed to spending on major infrastructure as a means to boost the economy and “level up”. This Report focusses on how the practice of managing major projects can support that aim, starting with understanding the context and purpose of the investment. Our predecessor Committee conducted an inquiry on major projects which concluded with an interim report4 published in November 2019. The 2019 report considers Central Government oversight, Civil Service capability and skills, churn and conflicts of interest, political pressure in planning, and evaluating benefits. This Report should be considered complementary to the interim report. It draws on the work of our predecessor Committee but does not duplicate that work, instead shifting focus onto the pressing question of how the Government should make the most of promised infrastructure investment through its major projects.

2.This Report looks at:

3.The Committee launched the inquiry on 9 March 2020. It held three evidence sessions and received 13 written submissions. We would like to thank all those who gave evidence to the inquiry.

4 Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee, The Governments Management of Major Projects: An Interim Report. HC303. 31 October 2019

Published: 28 July 2020