Proxy voting: review of pilot arrangements Contents

Annex 1: text of proposed Standing Order

Words proposed to be added to the temporary Order of 28 January 2019, as amended, appear highlighted in green.

Provisions expected to be temporary are highlighted in yellow.

Words proposed to be removed are struck through.

1)A Member may, by reason of absence from the precincts of the House—

a)for childbirth or care of an infant or newly adopted child, or

b)because they are unable to attend at Westminster for medical or public health reasons related to the pandemic,

arrange for their vote to be cast in accordance with this order

by one another Member acting as a proxy (a proxy vote).

2)A proxy vote may be cast:

a)in a division in the House, in Committee of the whole House, or in any legislative grand committee, in relation to the business specified in paragraph (3) below;

b)on business specified in paragraph (3) below recorded in a division under Standing Order No. 41A (Deferred divisions), and

c)in a ballot cast in an election under Standing Order No. 1B (Election of Speaker by secret ballot), Standing Order No. 2A (Election of the Deputy Speakers), Standing Order No. 122B (Election of select committee chairs) and Standing Order No. 122(d) (Election of Chair of the Backbench Business Committee).

3)Subject to paragraph (4) below, a proxy vote may be cast on all public and private business of the House.

4)No proxy vote shall be cast in a division on any motion in the form specified in section 2(2) of the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011.

5)No proxy vote shall be reckoned in the numbers participating in a division for the purposes of (a) Standing Order No. 41(1) (Quorum), and (b) Standing Order No. 37 (Majority for closure or for proposal of question).

6)A proxy vote may be cast only if the Speaker (or a Deputy Speaker, acting on the Speaker’s behalf) has certified that the Member for whom the vote is to be cast is eligible under the terms of this order and the Resolution of the House of Monday 28 January 2019 and if that certificate, including the name of the Member nominated as a proxy, has been published in the Votes and Proceedings.

7)A vote cast by a proxy shall be clearly indicated as such in the division lists published under the authority of the House.

8)The Speaker may also make provision for the exercise of a proxy vote for Members who have suffered a miscarriage in circumstances where there have been complications relating to childbirth.

Published: 10 September 2020