Procedure under coronavirus restrictions: call lists and time limits on speeches in debates



1 Debate in the House under coronavirus restrictions

This inquiry

Government proposals for virtual participation by certain Members

The effect of coronavirus restrictions on participation in debate

The scope of this report

Resumption of sittings in Westminster Hall

2 Call lists and their operation

The requirement for call lists

Restrictions on access to the Chamber

Preparation of call lists

Questions to Ministers (physical and virtual participation)

Urgent Questions and Ministerial statements (physical and virtual participation)

Debates on motions and on legislation (physical participation only)

Issues arising from the use of call lists

Call lists in scrutiny proceedings

Applying to speak in debates

Call lists and the House’s order of business

Length of call lists for debates

Ordering the call list for debates

3 Time limits on speeches in debate

The use of time limits to manage debate

Time taken by frontbench and backbench speeches

Time limits and the publication of call lists

Proposals for change

4 Changes in the use of Chamber galleries

Use of the undergalleries beyond the Bar of the House

Use of the side galleries

5 Debates in Westminster Hall

Conditions governing attendance

Use of call lists

Conclusions and recommendations

Annex 1: Proposed temporary revision to Standing Orders

Annex 2: Correspondence with the Leader of the House

Annex 3: Online survey of Members conducted between 14 and 18 October

Formal minutes


Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

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