Local authority investment in commercial property Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

LAI numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Anonymous 5 (LAI0042)

2Arlingclose Limited (Mr Mark Horsfield, Director) (LAI0028)

3The Bureau of Investigative Journalism (LAI0035)

4Centre for Public Scrutiny (Mr Ed Hammond, Director, Campaigns and Research) (LAI0011)

5The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (LAI0031)

6Cheetham & Mortimer Chartered Surveyors (Mr Robert Millington, Partner - Investment. Registered Valuer) (LAI0015)

7Cllr Nigel Murphy - Manchester City Council (LAI0038)

8Cllr Richard Watts (LAI0044)

9Colchester Borough Council (LAI0030)

10Cook, Mr Peter (LAI0025)

11County Councils Network (LAI0013)

12Dishman, Mr Derek (LAI0009)

13District Councils' Network (Mrs Victoria Eade, Policy Officer) (LAI0027)

14EG (Mr James Child, Head of Research) (LAI0004)

15Essex County Council (LAI0041)

16Huseynov, Mr. Tural (LAI0043)

17ICAEW (Alison Ring, Director, Public Sector) (LAI0020)

18Its Our Spelthorne (Martin Shortland, Founder) (LAI0016)

19The Local Authorities' Mutual Investment Trust/CCLA (Cllr Richard Kemp, Cllr Richard Kemp CBE, Chairman, The Local Authorities Mutual Investment Trust) (LAI0007)

20Local Government Association (Mr Iredia Oboh, Public Affairs and Campaigns Adviser) (LAI0021)

21London Councils (Peter O'Connell, Policy Manager (Local Government Finance)) (LAI0022)

22Mylvaganam, Mr Sashi (LAI0010)

23Nichols, Mr Lawrence (LAI0012)

24Reducing the Deficit Ltd (Mr David Lewis, Director) (LAI0029)

25Rushmoor Council (LAI0040)

26The Shepwayvox Team (Mr Bryan Rylands, Lead Blogger & Citizen Journalist) (LAI0032)

27Simpson, Mr Peter (LAI0010)

28Social Investment Business (Mr Will Thomson, Policy Lead) (LAI0019)

29Society of District Council Treasurers (Mr Adrian Rowbotham, Lead Advisor for Growth and the Commercial Agenda) (LAI0018)

30South Hams District Council (Mrs Lisa Buckle, Corporate Director for Strategic Finance) (LAI0017)

31South Somerset District Council (Mr Robert Orrett, Commercial Property, Land and Development Manager) (LAI0023)

32Spelthorne borough Council (LAI0033)

33Tendering District Council (LAI0037)

34Woking Borough Council (LAI0036)

35Woking Labour (Dr Gerry Mitchell, Secretary) (LAI0024)

Published: 13 July 2020