Defence Equipment Plan 2020–2030 Contents


The Department’s 2020–2030 Equipment Plan (the Plan) sets out its spending plans for the next 10 years on projects to equip the Armed Forces. It shows that the Department has allocated a budget of £190 billion to equipment and support projects, 41% of its entire forecast budget. The Plan assesses whether its equipment and support projects are affordable. The Department needs to manage this expenditure effectively to ensure the Armed Forces can secure and maintain all the equipment that they need. The Department must also retain a level of flexibility to develop new high-priority capabilities and replace some existing capabilities as they go out of service.

The Department first published its Equipment Plan in 2013. Under the Department’s delegated model, managing projects is the responsibility of the Front-Line Commands (Navy, Army, Air and Strategic Command), the Defence Nuclear Organisation and the Strategic Programmes Directorate. These organisations are known as Top-Level Budgets (TLBs) and are required to deliver their agreed defence outcomes within delegated budgets. The Department’s Head Office aggregates the information provided by the TLBs to establish the departmental position on the affordability of the Equipment Plan.

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