Delivering the Government's infrastructure commitments through major projects Contents


The Government has promised the largest investment in infrastructure for decades. The £640bn promised in the Budget speech1 and £5bn2 of Coronavirus “bounce-back”3 investment is earmarked for transport, schools, housing and other key infrastructure across the country. The Government hopes that this will boost growth and lead to a “levelling up” of the national economy. However, this investment needs to be well thought through, responsive to local need, and delivered through effective, efficient and transparent major projects if it is to achieve those aims. Importantly, it should not be invested too quickly and without due consideration of its purpose.

This Report considers how the Government should run its projects with a focus on its economic and “levelling up” goals. It finds that:

Major projects remain the primary mechanism through which each Government delivers the major changes it promised. The Government must take the steps recommended in this Report if we are to see lasting benefits of its infrastructure investment.

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2 HM Treasury and the Rishi Sunak, A Plan for Jobs 2020 speech as delivered by Chancellor Rishi Sunak, HC Deb 8 July 2020 Vol 678 Col 973

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Published: 28 July 2020