The UK response to covid-19: use of scientific advice Contents



Key findings

1 Introduction


Our inquiry

Aims of this Report

2 Expert advice and Government decision-making structures

Scientific advisory structures in the pandemic

UK Government

Science advice in the devolved nations

Key decision-making structures in the UK Government during the pandemic

Cabinet Office and COBR

Other decision-making structures

3 Activation and operation of SAGE

Timeliness of coordinating SAGE and science advice

Scientific advice

Sustainability of SAGE participation

4 Transparency and communication

Disclosure of science advisers and SAGE participants

Communicating science advice to Government decision-makers

Transparency of evidence and advice to Government

Communicating science advice to the public

5 Nature of the scientific advice to Government

Initial breadth of scientific expertise

Multi-disciplinary advice

Our analysis of SAGE meetings

Access to data in the development of expert advice

6 Application of science expertise

Testing and contact tracing

SAGE discussions

Capacity targets

Testing capacity growth

Social distancing and face coverings

The two-metre rule

Face coverings

Vaccine and therapeutic development

Annex One: Letter from the Chair of the Committee to the Prime Minister, dated 18 May

Conclusions and recommendations

Formal minutes


Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

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