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Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

RFA numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1ABB (RFA0003)

2ADS (RFA0086)

3AIRTO Ltd (RFA0013)

4Adam Smith Institute (RFA0107)

5Aerospace Technology Institute (RFA0012)

6Alzheimer’s Research UK (RFA0072)

7Anonymous (RFA0028)

8Association of Research Managers and Administrators—ARMA UK (RFA0067)

9Aston University (RFA0045)

10BT Group (RFA0101)

11Bostrom, Nick (Director, Future of Humanity Institute); Haydn Belfield (Academic Project Manager, The Centre for the Study of Existential Risk); and Sam Hilton (Research Affiliate, The Centre for the Study of Existential Risk) (RFA0061)

12Bournemouth University (RFA0032)

13British Neuroscience Association (RFA0071)

14British Standards Institution (RFA0089)

15Bruce, Prof Toby (RFA0027)

16Bruntwood SciTech (RFA0082)

17Burrington, Tessa (RFA0104)

18CBI (RFA0004)

19Campaign for Science and Engineering (RFA0025)

20Cardiff University (RFA0018)

21Catapult Network (RFA0047)

22Collins, Professor Brian (RFA0103)

23Coventry University (RFA0091)

24Cruelty Free International (RFA0102)

25Davison, Professor Andrew (RFA0006)

26Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (RFA0052)

27Diaz Anadon, Professor Laura (Professor of Climate Change Policy, University of Cambridge); Dr. Anna Goldstein (Senior Research Fellow, University of Massachusetts Amherst); Professor Erin Baker (Professor and Associate Dean of Engineering, University of Massachusetts Amherst); and Professor Claudia Doblinger (Assistant Professor of Innovation and Technology Management, TU Munich) (RFA0065)

28Durham University (RFA0038)

29EPSRC UK Robotics and Autonomous Systems Network (RFA0046)

30Eoin, Dr (Babbage Fellow of Technology & Innovation Policy, University of Cambridge) (RFA0094)

31Ferguson, Professor Sir Michael (RFA0008)

32Flinders, Professor Matthew (Professor, The University of Sheffield) (RFA0106)

33Fraunhofer UK Research ltd (RFA0093)

34Fuller, Steve (RFA0097)

35Future Flight Concepts Ltd (RFA0090)

36Gregory, Dr Jane (RFA0002)

37Grindrod CBE, Professor Peter (Professor, Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford) (RFA0108)

38Hack Partners Limited (RFA0048)

39Higher Education Funding Council for Wales (HEFCW) (RFA0057)

40Institute of Development Studies (RFA0015)

41Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (RFA0078)

42Institute of Physics (RFA0070)

43John Innes Centre (RFA0042)

44King’s College London (RFA0053)

45Lord Dowding Fund for Humane Research (RFA0016)

46Loughborough University (RFA0037)

47Manchester Metropolitan University (RFA0026)

48Meggitt PLC (RFA0056)

49Nanayakkara, Dr Thrishantha (RFA0007)

50National Audit Office (RFA0050)

51National Centre for Universities and Business (RFA0058)

52National Physical Laboratory (RFA0019)

53Newcastle University (RFA0059)

54Northumbria University (RFA0049)

55Norwich Research Park (RFA0099)

56Nuffield Council on Bioethics (RFA0005)

57OGTC (RFA0022)

58ORCA Computing (RFA0095)

59People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals Foundation (RFA0075)

60Photonics Leadership Group (RFA0041)

61PraxisAuril (RFA0084)

62Prospect (RFA0055)

63Prostate Cancer Research Centre (RFA0060)

64Pupils 2 Parliament (RFA0029)

65Queen Mary University of London (RFA0034)

66Queen’s University Belfast (RFA0098)

67RSPCA (RFA0014)

68Rosseinsky, Professor Matthew (Professor, University of Liverpool) (RFA0083)

69Royal Academy of Engineering (RFA0021)

70Royal Astronomical Society (RFA0033)

71Royal Society (RFA0044)

72Royal Society of Biology (RFA0073)

73Safer Medicines Trust (RFA0066)

74School of Advanced Study, University of London (RFA0063)

75School of Life Sciences, University of Warwick (RFA0040)

76Shore, Paul (RFA0001)

77The Alan Turing Institute (RFA0087)

78The British Academy (RFA0074)

79The National Measurement Institute at LGC (RFA0023)

80The Physiological Society (RFA0020)

81The Royal Society of Chemistry (RFA0017)

82The Royal Society of Edinburgh (RFA0051)

83The University of Sheffield (RFA0077)

84Tokamak Energy Ltd (RFA0076)

85UCL (RFA0011)

86UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose (RFA0085)

87UK Computing Research Committee (RFA0009)

88UK Deans of Science (RFA0054)

89UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) (RFA0109)

90Unilever (RFA0069)

91Universities Scotland (RFA0010)

92Universities UK (RFA0031)

93Universities Wales (RFA0088)

94University Alliance (RFA0080)

95University of Birmingham (RFA0035)

96University of Bristol (RFA0105)

97University of Cambridge (RFA0039)

98University of Edinburgh (RFA0036)

99University of Glasgow (RFA0043)

100University of Leicester (RFA0064)

101University of Manchester (RFA0024)

102University of Oxford (RFA0079)

103University of Wolverhampton (RFA0030)

104University of the West of Scotland (RFA0096)

105Watson, Professor Jim (Research Director, UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources); and Ms Anna Watson (Doctoral researcher, SPRU, University of Sussex) (RFA0092)

106WMG (RFA0100)

107Welsh Government (RFA0068)

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