Mr Marcus Fysh Contents



The Commissioner’s investigation

The Commissioner’s conclusions

Referral to the Committee on Standards

Overview: Mr Fysh’s interests and registration

Late Register entries

Non-registration of unpaid directorships

Extent of influence


Select committee declarations

The benefits of declaration and registration

Mr Fysh’s comments on the Commissioner’s investigation

Member’s discretion

Lack of evidence

Commissioner’s judgement and objectivity

The Committee’s conclusions


Annex: Table of Mr Marcus Fysh MP’s shareholdings and unpaid directorships

Appendix 1: Memorandum from the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards—Mr Marcus Fysh MP

Appendix 2: Written evidence from Mr Marcus Fysh MP to the Committee submitted 12 May 2020

Appendix 3: Mr Marcus Fysh MP Register Entry as at 13 July 2015

Appendix 4: Mr Marcus Fysh MP Register Entry as at 8 June 2020

Appendix 5: Declaration to the European Scrutiny Committee at its first meeting on 11 March 2020—Mr Marcus Fysh MP

Formal minutes

Published oral and written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

Published: 18 June 2020