Sanctions in respect of the conduct of Members Contents



The present system of sanctions in non-ICGS cases

Rectification by the Commissioner

Sanctions imposed by the Committee

Publication of Report but no further action

Apology required by the Committee

Repayment required by the Committee

Miscellaneous sanctions imposed by the Committee

Compliance with the Committee’s requirements

Sanctions imposed by the House following recommendation from the Committee

Suspension (and possible recall)


Withholding of salary

Withholding of resettlement grant or “loss of office” grant

Criticism of the existing sanctions regime

The ICGS and sanctions

The Committee’s role in relation to ICGS

ICGS sanctions against Members

Proposals for the future (1): Consistency in imposing sanctions

Comparison with other Parliaments and Assemblies

The development of a tariff

Table 1: Aggravating and mitigating factors

Proposals for the future (2): A new suite of sanctions

How far should the House delegate the power to impose sanctions?

Proposed sanctions in ICGS and non-ICGS cases

Table 2: Sanctions in ICGS cases

Table 3: Sanctions in non-ICGS cases

Commentary on the proposed sanctions

Informal resolution [ICGS and non-ICGS cases]

Words of advice (ICGS and non-ICGS cases)

Correction of Register [non-ICGS cases]

Requirement to attend training [ICGS and non-ICGS cases]

Apologies [ICGS and non-ICGS cases]

Repayment of money [non-ICGS cases]

Withdrawal of services (including travel) [ICGS and non-ICGS cases]

Dismissal from select committee [ICGS and non-ICGS cases]

Repayment of costs of investigation [ICGS and non-ICGS cases]

Salary or allowances withheld without suspension [ICGS and non-ICGS cases]

Suspension or expulsion [ICGS and non-ICGS cases]




Conclusions and recommendations

Appendix 1: Letter dated 2 May 2019 from Kathryn Stone OBE, Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, to Kate Green MP, Chair of the Committee on Standards

Appendix 2: Standards & Privileges – recommended sanctions 1995–2020

Appendix 3: The Independent Expert Panel

Formal minutes


Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

Published: 21 July 2020