The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the aviation sector Contents



1. Introduction

Our inquiry

2. Impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the aviation sector

Strategic importance of aviation industry to UK

The impact of the pandemic on air travel

3. Quarantine and common health standards

The Government’s quarantine policy

Reaction to the quarantine policy

Alternatives to a blanket quarantine approach

Targeted quarantine and “air bridges”

Health screening at airports

Common international health standards

4. Government support and intervention

The financial impact of the pandemic on the aviation industry

State support for the aviation industry

UK Government support

Support in other countries

Types and conditions of further support within the UK

Specific industry-wide measures

Environmental conditions

Regional connectivity

5. Restructuring, redundancies and terms and conditions

Redundancies in the aviation sector

British Airways: consultation on redundancies and changes to terms and conditions

British Airways plans to change staffing structure

British Airways staff on the Job Retention Scheme

British Airways’ financial situation

Reactions to the consultation

6. Passenger refunds

Regulatory background

Delays in issuing refunds

What has happened to customers’ money?

Refund credit notes and vouchers

Refund deadlines and CAA powers

7. A strategy for the recovery of the aviation sector

Conclusions and recommendations

Formal minutes


Published written evidence


List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

Published: 13 June 2020