Trains fit for the future? Contents



1 Introduction

The Government’s climate change commitments

Key industry reports for the decarbonisation of the rail network

The Rail Industry Decarbonisation Taskforce

RIA Electrification Cost Challenge Report

Network Rail’s Traction Decarbonisation Network Strategy

Government reports

Our inquiry

2 Providing a long-term strategic plan

The need for long-term certainty

Building on the TDNS

Uncertainty created by delays with the Rail Reform White Paper

3 Rolling programme of electrification

Advantages of electrification

Challenges of electrification

A rolling programme of electrification

National and international comparison case studies



The need for immediate action

When and how to start

The Department’s approach

4 Alternative decarbonisation technologies


Advantages of hydrogen fuel

Challenges of hydrogen fuel

Battery power

Advantages of battery power

Challenges of battery power

Enabling flexibility for technological advances

5 Decarbonising rail freight

Fuel options for freight trains

Risks of moving freight from rail to road

6 Research and development funding

Chapter 7: Making trains fully accessible

Conclusions and recommendations

Formal minutes


Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

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