Freeports and Wales



1 Introduction

The UK Government’s freeports consultation

Ports in Wales

Ports and the devolution boundary

The state of the port sector in Wales

What is a freeport?

Our inquiry

2 Arguments for and against introducing freeports to Wales

Arguments for introducing freeports to Wales

Economic growth through increased employment and investment opportunities

Attracting funding for infrastructure and innovation

Increased industrial activity

Arguments against the introduction of freeports to Wales

Extent of economic benefits

Job creation, skills and displacement

The impact on competition

The need for additional infrastructure and customs processes

The global experience


3 Freeport locations in Wales


Milford Haven

South-East Wales

Freeports and Devolution

4 Issues for consideration going forward

Bidding process and governance

Infrastructure, customs and planning implications

Concluding observations

Conclusions and recommendations

Formal minutes

Written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

Published: 8 May 2020