Changing the perfect picture: an inquiry into body image Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

Miss numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Advertising Association (Miss0037)

2Advertising Standards Authority (Miss0028)

3AnyBody UK (Miss0054)

4Arlt, Professor Wiebke (Miss0032)

5Authority, Advertising Standards (Miss0067)

6Auxtova, Dr Kristina (Miss0024)

7Baglow, Ms M (Miss0044)

8Beat (Miss0020)

9Bell, Dr Beth Teresa (York St John University) (Miss0031)

10Body Dysmorphic Disorder Foundation (Miss0056)

11Boothroyd, Professor Lynda (Miss0012)

12British Board of Film Classification (Miss0007)

13British Universities and Colleges Sport (Miss0064)

14British Youth Council (Miss0050)

15Brown, Nicola (Reader in Female Health, St Mary’s University) (Miss0063)

16Busby, Maureen (Founder of PCOS Vitality, PCOS Vitality) (Miss0032)

17Campbell, Christine (Lecturer in Psychology, St Mary’s University) (Miss0063)

18Centre for Appearance Research (Miss0045)

19Changing Faces (Miss0030)

20Cheema, Miss Asma (Miss0003)

21Click Off (Miss0023)

22Corazza, Dr Ornella (Miss0005)

23Dann, Dr Charlotte (Miss0036)

24Devon, Natasha (Miss0049)

25Duffy, Dr Fiona (University of Edinburgh) (Miss0022)

26Facebook) (Miss0069)

27Evans, Dr Elizabeth (Miss0012)

28Facebook and Instagram (Miss0039)

29Gill, Professor Rosalind (Miss0060)

30Girlguiding (Miss0059)

31Gough, Professor Brendan (Miss0029)

32Government Equalities Office (Miss0057)

33Hamlin, Miss Lucy (Miss0006)

34Heera, Neelam (Founder of Cysters, Cysters) (Miss0032)

35Hughes, Mrs Emma (Miss0001)

36ISBA (Miss0034)

37Internet Association (Miss0048)

38Jacques, Ms Katy (Miss0012)

39Jaye, Cleo (Lecturer in Psychology, St Mary’s University) (Miss0063)

40Katz, Dr T (General Practitioner, NHS) (Miss0015)

41L’Oréal UK & Ireland (Miss0016)

42LGB Alliance (Miss0053)

43LGBT Foundation (Miss0052)

44Lewis, Dr Gemma (Miss0013)

45Lewis, Ms Hannah (Miss0055)

46London, Transport for (Miss0068)

47Majumdar, Anne (Senior Lecturer in Nutrition, St Mary’s University) (Miss0063)

48Mental Health Foundation (Miss0019)

49Mermaids (Miss0051)

50Models of Diversity (Miss0017)

51Naturists, British (Miss0066)

52Newman, Dr Emily (University of Edinburgh) (Miss0022)

53Not Buying It (Miss0021)

54Nuffield Council on Bioethics) (Miss0065)

55Omrani, Atefeh, (Research Associate in Breast health, St Mary’s University) (Miss0063)

56O’Prey, Joanne (Research Assistant in Psychology, St Mary’s University) (Miss0063)

57Owen, Craig (Senior lecturer in Psychology, Anglia Ruskin University) (Miss0063)

58Paddock, Ms Danielle (York St John University) (Miss0031)

59Patalay, Dr Praveetha (Miss0013)

60Procter & Gamble (Miss0038)

61Regehr, Dr Kaitlyn (Univeristy College London) (Miss0026)

62Ringrose, Professor Jessica (University of Kent) (Miss0026)

63Ryan, Anne (Miss0004)

64Saville-Hippely, Julia (Miss0040)

65Scottish Women’s Convention (Miss0027)

66Shah, Nayan (Miss0002)

67Sharpe, Dr Helen (University of Edinburgh) (Miss0022)

68Sinnott, Ann (Director, Authentic Equity Alliance) (Miss0062)

69Soroptimist International of Woking & District (Miss0011)

70Solmi, Dr Francesca (Miss0013)

71Sporting Equals (Miss0035)

72Stonewall (Miss0058)

73The Children’s Society (Miss0010)

74Transgender Trend (Miss0046)

75Treweek, Rt Revd Rachel (Bishop of Gloucester) (Miss0025)

76Twitter (Miss0070)

77UK Models Working Group (Miss0018)

78Widdows, Professor Heather (Miss0009)

79Winkfield, Mrs Lizzie (Miss0006)

80YoungMinds (Miss0033)

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