Unequal impact? Coronavirus and the gendered economic impact Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

CVG numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Action, Maternity (CVG0048)

2Action, Maternity (CVG0047)

3A member of the public (CVG0016)

4A member of the public (CVG0008)

5A member of the public (CVG0007)

6A member of the public (CVG0009)

7Brown, Dr Duncan (CVG0045)

8Brownlie, Mrs Victoria (Director of Policy and Public Affairs, National hair and Beauty Federation) (CVG0043)

9Close the Gap (CVG0039)

10Dunstan, Mr Richard (Public Affairs Officer, Maternity Action) (CVG0046)

11Engender (CVG0035)

12Equality and Human Rights Commission (CVG0023)

13Gains, Professor Francesca (CVG0013)

14Garthwaite, Dr Kayleigh; Dr Ruth Patrick; Dr Maddy Power; Dr Geoff Page; Dr Kate Pickett; Dr Ben Baumberg Geiger; and Dr Kate Summers (CVG0026)

15Menstrual Health Coalition (CVG0015)

16NAHT (CVG0021)

17National Ugly Mugs (CVG0014)

18Northern Ireland Women’s European Platform (CVG0012)

19Potter, M; C Clayton; and R Clayton (CVG0002)

20Pregnant Then Screwed (CVG0032)

21Pregnant Then Screwed (CVG0042)

22Professional Association of Childcare and Early Years (PACEY) (CVG0028)

23Reeves, Miss Claire (Sexual health outreach worker and self employed (online IT consultant), Terrence Higgins Trust and self-employed) (CVG0005)

24Refugee Action (CVG0018)

25Robinson, Miss Angela (Business Support Officer, Children’s Services, Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council) (CVG0038)

26Royal College of Midwives (CVG0011)

27Runnymede Trust (CVG0040)

28Simpson, Ms Nikita; Professor Laura Bear ; and Professor Deborah James (CVG0019)

29Surviving Economic Abuse (CVG0031)


31The Health Foundation (CVG0030)

32The Law Society of England and Wales (CVG0029)

33The WASPI Campaign (Women Against State Pension Inequality) (CVG0041)

34Trade Union Congress (CVG0027)

35UK Women’s Budget Group (CVG0004)

36UNFPA (CVG0037)

37UNISON (CVG0025)

38Waterhouse, Elizabeth (Senior Finance Manager, Telecoms consultancy) (CVG0036)

39Weldon-Johns, Dr Michelle (Senior Lecturer, Abertay University) (CVG0010)

40Women, (Professor, Women’s Budget Group) (CVG0044)

41Working Families (CVG0022)

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