Universal Credit: the wait for a first payment Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

UCW numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

138 Degrees (UCW0052)

2Advice NI (UCW0029)

3Bright Blue (UCW0023)

4Cain, Dr Ruth (UCW0036)

5Centrepoint (UCW0021)

6Changing Lives (Changing Lives Jennifer Harrison, Head of Policy and Public Affairs) (UCW0030)

7Cheshire, Leonard (UCW0097)

8Child Poverty Action Group (UCW0058)

9The Children’s Society (UCW0031)

10Christians Against Poverty (CAP) (UCW0075)

11Citizen Advice Sheffield (UCW0022)

12Citizens Advice (UCW0060)

13Citizens Advice Chesterfield (UCW0013)

14Citizens Advice Craven and Harrogate Districts (UCW0045)

15Citizens Advice Leicestershire (UCW0038)

16Citizens Advice Scotland (UCW0026)

17Community Housing Cymru (UCW0084)

18Community Trade Union (UCW0091)

19Coventry Citizens Advice (UCW0098)

20The Cystic Fibrosis Trust (UCW0053)

21Department for Work and Pensions (UCW0096)

22Disability Benefits Consortium, and Macmillan Cancer Support (UCW0061)

23Employers For Childcare (UCW0051)

24Etherington, Professor David (UCW0010)

25Evans, Ms Nancy (UCW0046)

26Fawcett, Robyn (UCW0033)

27Feeding Britain (UCW0094)

28Ferret Information Systems Ltd (UCW0016)

29Financial Conduct Authority (UCW0101)

30Fitzpatrick, Dr Ciara (UCW0040)

31Generation Rent (UCW0041)

32Hardie, Iain (UCW0062)

33Helen Bamber Foundation (UCW0032)

34Hick, Dr Rod (UCW0071)

35Homeslink (UCW0088)

36Hughes, Ms Rhiannon (UCW0085)

37Jones, Professor Martin (UCW0010)

38Jordan, Ms Uisce (UCW0027)

39Joseph Rowntree Foundation (UCW0076)

40Jubilee+ (UCW0048)

41Karbon Homes (UCW0095)

42Kent County Council (UCW0007)

43Law Centre NI (UCW0066)

44Leeds City Council (UCW0077)

45Lloyds Bank Foundation for England & Wales (UCW0043)

46Logan, Kerry (UCW0040)

47London Councils (UCW0099)

48London Councils (UCW0054)

49London Unemployed Strategies (UCW0068)

50Macmillan Cancer Support (UCW0037)

51Marie Curie (UCW0059)

52medConfidential (UCW0100)

53Money and Mental Health Policy Institute (UCW0074)

54Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association (UCW0028)

55National Association of Welfare Rights Advisers (UCW0039)

56Newcastle University (UCW0035)

57Newman, Ines (UCW0065)

58North Tyneside Citizens Advice (UCW0012)

59Northern Ireland Federation of Housing Associations (UCW0042)

60Northern Ireland Women’s European Platform (UCW0056)

61Nunn, Dr Emily (UCW0033)

62Nunn, Professor Alex (UCW0033)

63Parkinson’s UK (UCW0018)

64Patrick, Dr Ruth (UCW0040)

65Poverty Alliance (UCW0050)

66Public and Commercial Services Union (UCW0055)

67Public Health Scotland (UCW0089)

68Refugee Council (UCW0019)

69The Riverside Group (UCW0063)

70The Runnymede Trust (UCW0057)

71The Salvation Army (UCW0079)

72Scope (UCW0081)

73Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (UCW0067)

74Shelter (UCW0070)

75Simpson, Dr Mark (UCW0040)

76Society of St. Vincent de Paul (UCW0072)

77Southwark Law Centre (UCW0024)

78StepChange Debt Charity (UCW0047)

79Submitter, Anonymous (UCW0017)

80Submitter, Anonymous (UCW0015)

81Submitter, Anonymous (UCW0008)

82Submitter, Anonymous (UCW0005)

83Submitter, Anonymous (UCW0004)

84Submitter, Anonymous (UCW0003)

85Teesside University, Newcastle University, and University of Liverpool (Dr Mandy Cheetham) (UCW0014)

86Toynbee Hall (UCW0080)

87Trades Union Congress (UCW0078)

88Trussell Trust (UCW0093)

89UC:Us members (UCW0040)

90Unite Community (UCW0082)

91Universal Credit Action Network (UCW0009)

92Universal Credit Action Network (UCW0009)

93University of York, University of Salford, and University of Glasgow (Professor Peter Dwyer) (UCW0069)

94Usdaw (UCW0044)

95Voluntary Norfolk (UCW0083)

96Welsh Government (UCW0087)

97Women’s Regional Consortium (UCW0049)

98Young Women’s Trust (UCW0064)

99Zacchaeus 2000 Trust (Z2K) (UCW0025)

Published: 19 October 2020