Protecting pension savers—five years on from the pension freedoms: Pension scams Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

PPS numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1AEA Technology Pensions Campaign (PPS0025)

2AJ Bell (PPS0045)

3Age UK (PPS0041)

4Aon (PPS0024)

5Apex CB Financial Planning Ltd (PPS0027)

6Association of British Insurers (PPS0039)

7Association of Member Nominated Trustees (PPS0072)

8Association of Member Nominated Trustees (PPS0011)

9Aviva Plc (PPS0037)

10Barnett Waddingham LLP (PPS0044)

11Barr, Professor Nicholas (Professor of Public Economics, London School of Economics) (PPS0023)

12Belmayne Independent Chartered Financial Planners (PPS0040)

13Coburn Corporate Intelligence Pty Ltd (PPS0077)

14Dalriada & Pinsent Mason (PPS0059)

15Department for Work and Pensions (PPS0070)

16Financial Conduct Authority (PPS0048)

17Financial Services Compensation Scheme (PPS0063)

18Investment and Life Assurance Group (ILAG) (PPS0020)

19Just Group (PPS0054)

20Khuller, Manita (PPS0078)

21Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (a committee of the Chartered Institute of Taxation) (PPS0004)

22M&G PLC (PPS0035)

23Mercer Limited (PPS0026)

24Milton, Mr. Philip (Managing Director, Philip J Milton & Company Plc) (PPS0003)

25Midland (HSBC) Clawback Campaign (PPS0002)

26Money Alive Limited (PPS0022)

27Name Withheld (PPS0012)

28Name Withheld (PPS0031)

29Name Withheld (PPS0036)

30Name Withheld (PPS0049)

31Name Withheld (PPS0079)

32National Federation of Occupational Pensioners (PPS0066)

33New South Law Ltd (PPS0042)

34Ormston, Mr Mark (Head of IT, administration and external affairs , Retirement Line) (PPS0019)

35Parish, W J (PPS0068)

36Pension Protection Fund (PPS0055)

37Pension Scams Industry Group (PSIG) (PPS0067)

38Pension Scams Industry Group (PSIG) (PPS0018)

39Pensions Management Institute (PPS0060)

40Pensions Policy Institute (PPS0034)

41Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association (PPS0062)

42Personal Investment Management and Financial Advice Association (PIMFA) (PPS0051)

43Phoenix Group (PPS0043)

44Premier FX Liquidation Committee (PPS0075)

45Quilter plc (PPS0050)

46RMI Finance Ltd (PPS0021)

47Say, G M (PPS0069)

48Sefton, Mr Stephen (PPS0009)

49Smart Pension (PPS0052)

50Stears, Mr Gareth (Pension Technical Consultant, Aries Insight) (PPS0013)

51Taber, Mr Mark (Volunteer Consumer Finance Campaigner, Voluntary) (PPS0058)

52The Connaught Action Group (PPS0010)

53The Investing and Saving Alliance (TISA) (PPS0014)

54The Pensions Regulator (PPS0064)

55The People’s Pension; and The Police Foundation (PPS0015)

56Transparency Task Force (PPS0073)

57Transparency Task Force (PPS0076)

58Transparency Task Force (PPS0071)

59Ward, Bob (PPS0074)

60Which? (PPS0061)

61XPS Pensions Group (PPS0030)

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