Nuclear Energy (Financing) Bill

Written evidence submitted by Maike Windhorst (NEFB02)


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Member of the Public using a nuclear-free electricity provider

1) The Bill kills my choice of energy providers.

2) The Bill will waste my money.

3) The Bill will endanger my electricity supply in the nearby future.

Ad 1) Contrary to my water and sewage companies, I currently have a choice of providers for electricity. I have chosen a company who only source energy from renewable source (wind, solar, hydro) and play an active and healthy role in financing renewable energy. With your bill, you are ruining that choice and further destroy a level playing field for renewable energy.

Ad 2) Some of the potential nuclear power stations whose financing are in question are on the East of England coast, close to where I live. I have first-hand knowledge of the increasing vulnerability of the coast in the face of Climate Change. These power stations will never go into operation due to rising sea levels and storm and flood events.

This bill will drain money from consumers for a totally futile exercise.

Ad 3) The extreme weather events of the past and present due to Climate Change have proven one thing: Centrally provided electricity will be shut down first. For example: The recent flooding in Louisiana/USA shut down electricity supply for weeks. There are past examples in the UK for anybody to learn from. Given that heating and transport are supposed to be heavily reliant on electricity in the future, it would be a nightmare not to change to distributed systems with regional and local renewable energy production.

Many thanks for your attention.

Yours sincerely

Maike Windhorst

November 2021


Prepared 17th November 2021