Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Bill

Written evidence submitted by LPA Group Plc et al. (PSTIB05)

The "Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Bill"

Dear Sirs

Please find below our response top Part 2 pf the above proposed Bill.  As a landowner and one that provides a site for a communications mast, we are very concerned that our rights as a landowner and landlord will be diminished, and the site’s value demonstrably harmed by these proposals.  We fully support the roll out of 5G and welcome the infrastructure being consolidated.  At no point have we or would we object to other users attaching equipment to the mast which is sighted on our land.  However, the mast affects the remainder of our property and as the landowner, it is essential that we can access and maintain the value of the land for the benefit of our business interests and those of our investors and shareholders as a whole and not have this value removed and passed to communications companies to profiteer.


· The government should revisit the unfair valuations regime that is unfairly damaging site providers’ livelihoods.

· The Bill will cause operators to bring more court actions, as they want to get lower rents faster and back date them.

· The government should not bring more Code agreements into the new valuation regime, hurting incomes for even more site providers.

· The Bill does not provide enough protections from bad behaviour by telecoms companies.

· The government should ensure that their changes do not lead to multiple court applications by operators during the lifetime of only one agreement.

· The government should commit to reviewing the impact of the previous reforms before making any new changes.

On behalf of LPA Group Plc.

Yours faithfully

Chris Buckenham

* * * * *

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March 2022


Prepared 18th March 2022