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22 June 2021

Dear Darren

Thank you for your work as chair of the BEIS Select Committee on the findings of the Climate Assembly UK’s final report. During oral evidence I gave on this work, held on Tuesday 15 June, you requested that the Government formally respond to each point of the Climate Assembly UK’s final report.

As you know, Government has been working closely with the Climate Assembly UK since it was first commissioned, engaging regularly in meetings, observing the Assembly, and hosting the expert leads for a presentation of the Assembly’s findings to over 400 HMG officials. The COP President Designate Rt Hon Alok Sharma MP (in his previous role as Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy) spoke at the launch event of the Climate Assembly UK report on 10th September 2020 and welcomed the report. The Prime Minister also welcomed the interim and final reports.

The recommendations of the Climate Assembly covered short term actions as well as longer-term areas for consideration. I therefore see the Climate Assembly work as an important process that should inform our thinking over the long term not just our immediate Government actions. I hope you agree that we gave a very detailed view of the Citizen Assembly’s work in responding to your Committee’s Call for Written Evidence, which I attach for reference. This not only responded to the Select Committee questions but also went through all the major areas o the Climate Assembly Report and our views on them.

As well as the Oral evidence I have given, we will, of course, respond to the Select Committee’s report at the end of this inquiry where we would be happy to elaborate further on any areas in relation to our views on the Climate Assembly Report. I hope you agree this provides for a thorough examination of how the Government views the Climate Assembly process and recommendations. However, as I say, I am happy to consider any further clarification we can provide in response to your inquiry.

Thank you again for raising this issue. I hope this response is helpful.

Yours sincerely,


Minister of State for Energy, Clean Growth and Climate Change

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