Concussion in sport Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

CON numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Alexander, Bill (CON0045)

2Alzheimer’s Research UK (CON0047)

3Alzheimer’s Society (CON0052)

4Astle, Miss Dawn (CON0050)

5British Horseracing Authority (CON0061)

6Burns CBE, Professor Alistair, supplementary (CON0064)

7Clarke, Mr Colin (CON0017)

8Conner, Mr Nic (CON0010)

9Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (CON0049)

10EIS and UK Sport supplementary (CON0065)

11England Boxing; British Boxing Board of Control; Boxing Scotland; Welsh Boxing; and GB Boxing (CON0053)

12England and Wales Cricket Board (CON0059)

13FIFA Ethics and Regulations Watch (CON0009)

14Fair Play for Women (CON0028)

15Grindrod, Professor Peter (CON0004)

16Harland, Professor Andy; Spencer, Professor Adrian; Mitchell, Dr Sean; and Ward, Mr Matthew (CON0055)

17Head for Change (CON0022)

18Health and Safety Executive (CON0063)

19Hind, Dr Karen (CON0031)

20International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF) (CON0015)

21Love of the Game (CON0046)

22Malcolm, Dr Dominic (CON0036)

23McArdle, Dr David (CON0001)

24McArdle, Dr David; and DeMartini, JD, Anne (CON0003)

25My Wellbeing Analytics Ltd (CON0032)

26Parkes-Thompson, Mrs Natalie (CON0019)

27Pender, Lauren (CON0060)

28Piggin, Dr Joe (CON0007)

29Pollock, Professor Allyson M (Clinical Professor of Public Health, Newcastle University); and Kirkwood, Graham (Senior Research Associate, Newcastle University) (CON0025)

30Premier League (CON0041)

31Professional Footballers’ Association (CON0038)

32Professional Players Federation (CON0035)

33Rawlinson, Melanie (CON0008)

34Robinson, Mr Peter (CON0026)

35Rugby Football Union (CON0044)

36SAFE MMA (CON0016)

37Saul, Mrs Dana (CON0023)

38Sharma, Dr Kanch; and Kehoe, Professor Patrick (CON0039)

39Silver, Mr David; and Brown, Dr. Nicola (CON0021)

40Stacey, Ms Maggie (CON0029)

41The Drake Foundation (CON0002)

42The Football Association (CON0043)

43The International Concussion and Head Injury Research Foundation (ICHIRF) (CON0020)

44The Rugby Football League (CON0033)

45The Rugby Players Association (CON0030)

46UK Acquired Brain Injury Forum (CON0054)

47University of Nottingham (CON0034)

48Webborn, Professor Nick (CON0062)

49Williams, Professor Huw; Reuben, Dr Adam; Turner, Dr Michael; Belli, Professor Anthony; Bowtell, Professor Jo; King, Dr Nigel; Bond, Dr Bert; Williams, Dr Genevieve; and Gardner, A/Professor Andrew (CON0024)

50World Rugby (CON0037)

51Powell, Mr Tony (CON0005)

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