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Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

EMS numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1#BrokenRecord Campaign (EMS0218)

2#PayPerformers (EMS0064)

3Adams, Neil; Sarah Ramage; Caleb Evans; and Paul Deacon (EMS0225)


5All Party Parliamentary Jazz Appreciation Group (EMS0161)

6Amazon (EMS0289)

7Anderson, Isaac (EMS0101)

8Anonymous, (EMS0199)

9Antal, Daniel; Amelia Fletcher; and Peter Ormosi (EMS0286)

10Apple (EMS0290)

11Archer, Iain (EMS0190)

12Arqiva (EMS0116)

13Artistas Intérpretes o Ejecutantes, Entidad de Gestión de Derechos de Propiedad Intelectual (AIE) (EMS0133)

14Association of Independent Music (EMS0285)

15Association of Independent Music (EMS0271)

16Association of Independent Music (EMS0157)

17BBC (EMS0227)

18BECS (EMS0113)

19BMG (EMS0207)

20BPI (EMS0282)

21BPI (EMS0208)

22Baron, Mr Chris (EMS0222)

23Basho Records (EMS0148)

24Beggars Group Limited (EMS0047)

25Bennett, Gordon (EMS0245)

26Bird, Henry (EMS0132)

27Blakey, Mr Colin (EMS0255)

28Bolt, Miss Rachel (Freelance viola player, Rachel S Bolt Ltd) (EMS0070)

29Bonello, Dr Gareth (EMS0069)

30Boorman, Mr Phil (EMS0024)

31Bosher, Dr Hayleigh (EMS0254)

32Bourne, Robert (EMS0291)

33Bournemouth University (EMS0048)

34Brassroots (EMS0252)

35British Copyright Council (EMS0139)

36Brocklebank, MR Aubrey (EMS0211)

37Bucknall, Mr Francis (EMS0247)

38Bucks Music Group Limited (EMS0269)

39CC Young & Co Limited (EMS0077)

40CMU (EMS0183)

41CREATe: UK Copyright and Creative Economy Centre, University of Glasgow (EMS0189)

42Cain, Marcus (EMS0049)

43Cameron, Mr Iain (EMS0015)

44Castle, Christian (EMS0165)

45Clarke, Ms Josienne (EMS0159)

46Clews, David (EMS0089)

47Cognizant (EMS0134)

48Coldea, Horatiu (EMS0263)

49Council of Music Makers; Featured Artists Coalition (FAC); Ivors Academy; Music Managers’ Forum (MMF); Music Producers’ Guild (MPG); and Musicians’ Union (MU) (EMS0172)

50Creators’ Rights Alliance (EMS0187)

51Cronshaw, Andrew (EMS0035)

52DIUO (EMS0074)

53Dalton, Mr Morgan (EMS0060)

54Davies-Patrick, Mr Nigel (EMS0005)

55Davis, Mr Snake (EMS0082)

56Dean-Revington, Mr AJ (EMS0192)

57Deegan, Rik (EMS0117)

58Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (EMS0288)

59Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (EMS0078)

60Digital Media Association (DiMA) (EMS0233)

61Donovan, Florence (EMS0065)

62Entertainment Retailers Association (EMS0081)

63Equity (EMS0173)

64Farris, Mr Steve (EMS0131)

65Fenn, Mr Adam (EMS0180)

66Firman, Mr Robin (EMS0017)

67Flavell, Mr Roger (EMS0042)

68Foakes, Mr Kevin (EMS0240)

69Foster, Miss Kadian (EMS0168)

70Fran, Mr (EMS0105)

71Garratt, Mr Loz (EMS0258)

72Garrett, Dr Steve (EMS0045)

73Garvey, Mr Guy (EMS0138)

74Gavan, Ali (EMS0026)

75Generator North East Ltd (EMS0171)

76Green, Martin (EMS0127)

77Guirey, Mr Sagat (EMS0220)


79Hamer-Hodges, Mr Anthony (EMS0206)

80Hamilton, (EMS0262)

81Harwood, Mr Chris; Angus Mansell; Lewis Harwood; and Joe Jenner (EMS0224)

82Haslam, Mr Elliott (EMS0151)

83Henry, Mr Julian (EMS0137)

84Herbert, Dr Matthew (EMS0097)

85Herlihy, MR Gavin (EMS0001)

86Hesmondhalgh, Professor David (EMS0143)

87Hickman, Mr Matthew (EMS0100)

88Hipgnosis Songs Fund Limited (EMS0237)

89Hughes, Ed (EMS0033)

90Humphreys, Fenella (EMS0124)

91IFPI (EMS0209)

92IMPF, Independent Music Publishers International Forum (EMS0121)

93International Federations of Musicians (FIM) (EMS0025)

94Incorporated Society of Musicians (EMS0223)

95Internet Association (EMS0164)

96Irish Music Rights Organisation CLG (EMS0162)

97Jana, Ashley (EMS0011)

98Jones, Mr Daniel (EMS0261)

99Julian, Oliver (EMS0219)

100Just East of Jazz (EMS0079)

101Kirkland, Ms Wendy (EMS0037)

102Lasky, Simon (EMS0274)

103Leaone, (EMS0054)

104Lee, Mr Mark Christopher (EMS0241)

105Lee, Mr Wayne (EMS0167)

106Lindvall, Helienne (EMS0112)

107MIDiA Research (EMS0073)

108MN2S Label Services (EMS0055)

109MacRae, Stuart (EMS0053)

110Madness (EMS0174)

111Magill, Mr Joshua (EMS0153)

112Mathers, Dave (EMS0092)

113McCall, Mr Ian (EMS0006)

114McCambridge, Mr Mark (EMS0111)

115McConville, Mr Davo (Musician, Freelance) (EMS0214)

116McNaughton, Drew (EMS0099)

117Medcraft, Tim (EMS0266)

118Media IP Rights Ltd (EMS0103)

119Menzies, Mr Mark (EMS0020)

120Mike Purton Recording Services (EMS0056)

121Millwood, Dr Sasha Valeri (EMS0275)

122Mitchell, Madeleine (EMS0106)

123Mogis, Dr Jay (EMS0256)

124Moore, Mr Garret (EMS0108)

125Murphy (EMS0268)

126Music Managers Forum; and Featured Artists Coalition (EMS0128)

127Music Producers Guild (EMS0202)

128Musicians’ Union (EMS0257)

129Musicians’ Union (EMS0080)

130NMC Recordings Limited (EMS0251)

131Napier, MR Findlay (EMS0016)

132Neale, Anna (EMS0058)

133Neilson, Mr Isaac (EMS0201)

134Nelson, Dr Simon (EMS0023)

135Newman, Joe (EMS0083)

136Ninja Tune Limited (EMS0063)

137Noble, Allison (EMS0115)

138NutCase Theatre Limited (EMS0260)

139OCL (One Click Licence Ltd) (EMS0043)

140One Media iP PLC (EMS0182)

141Ormosi, Dr Peter; and Dr Franco Mariuzzo (EMS0076)

142Oxer, MR Peter (EMS0031)

143PRS for Music (EMS0158)

144Pace, Mr Elio (EMS0175)

145Page, Mr Will (EMS0166)

146Parker, Mr Andrew (EMS0095)

147Parker, Mr Niall (EMS0267)

148Patreon, Inc. (EMS0110)

149Peixe, Igor (EMS0059)

150People Music Promotions (EMS0052)

151Phonographic Performance Ltd (EMS0292)

152Phonographic Performance Ltd (EMS0278)

153Pure Records (Yorkshire) Ltd (EMS0210)

154Rees, Mr Huw (EMS0004)

155Reith, Ms Angela (EMS0029)

156Resonate Co-operative (Resonate (Beyond Streaming) Ltd) (EMS0169)

157Richards, Tim (EMS0221)

158Rixhon, Mr Philippe (EMS0146)

159Robertson, Mr Gordon (EMS0216)

160Ruddy, Andy (EMS0094)

161SCRIPT (a law and technology research centre based at Edinburgh Law School within the University of Edinburgh) (EMS0205)

162Sagna, Ibrahima (EMS0039)

163Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC) (EMS0231)

164Seamless Entertainment (EMS0242)

165Searle, Dr Nicola (EMS0041)

166Shaw, Malcolm (EMS0246)

167Sheehan, Ms Renee (EMS0195)

168Shilling, Mr Lindsay (EMS0044)

169Sinclair, Dr. Gary (EMS0019)

170Sizer, Ben (EMS0050)

171Slavid, Peter (EMS0002)

172Smith, Mr Bill (EMS0084)

173SonicData Limited (EMS0283)

174Sonstream Ltd (EMS0154)

175Sony Music UK & Ireland (EMS0280)

176SoundSurf (EMS0007)

177Soundtrack Your Brand (EMS0228)

178Spotify (EMS0287)

179Starkey, Mr Jonathan (EMS0142)

180Sun, Dr Hyojung; Prof. David Hesmondhalgh; and Dr Richard Osborne (EMS0149)

181Susman, Verity (EMS0136)

182Sweetinburgh, Mr Joe (EMS0243)

183Sweetinburgh, Mr Joe (EMS0239)

184Taylor, Ms Kirstian (EMS0198)

185techUK (EMS0276)

186Thacker, Simon (EMS0040)

187The F-List for Music CIC (EMS0119)

188The Ivors Academy of Music Creators (EMS0277)

189The Ivors Academy of Music Creators (EMS0197)

190The Music Publishers Association (EMS0179)

191The state51 Music Group (EMS0203)

192Tombling, Mr Chris (EMS0093)

193Tong, Matthew (EMS0155)

194Tru Thoughts (EMS0091)

195Tyree Records LTD (EMS0181)

195UK Music (EMS0188)

196Universal Music UK & Ireland (EMS0281)

197Verity, Thomas (EMS0152)

198Warner Music UK (EMS0284)

199Warner Music UK (EMS0279)

200Wayte, Dr Gavin (EMS0200)

201Webster, Jon (EMS0102)

202West, Mr Jamie (EMS0250)

203Whiteside, Mr Matthew (EMS0022)

204Whitten, Mr Chris (EMS0096)

205Wierzbicka, Miss Natalia (EMS0160)

206Wilkinson, Tim (EMS0259)

207Williams, Luke (EMS0191)

208Willis (EMS0186)

209Willowhayne Records Ltd (EMS0067)

210Woodroffe, Pete (EMS0018)

211Woollcombe, Mr John (EMS0185)

212YouTube (EMS0144)

213Young, Mr John (EMS0087)

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