Strengthening Home Education Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

HED numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1ACERT (Advisory Council for the Education of Romany & other Travellers) (HED0371)

2ADF International (UK) (HED0866)

3Adoption UK (HED0096)

4Allan, Mrs Anna (HED0611)

5Allen FRCS, Mr John (HED0232)

6Ambitious about Autism (HED0708)

7Andreyev, Mrs Kate (HED0139)

8Applewhite, Foster (HED0631)

9Ashby, Mr Greg (HED0153)

10Association for Education Welfare Management (HED0095)

11Association of Elective Home Education Professionals (HED0994)

12Association of School and College Leaders (HED0723)

13Barnard, Kate (HED0062)

14Bas, Mr Pete Le (HED0649)

15Bayes, Dr Jonathan (UK Director, Carey Outreach Ministries) (HED0115)

16Bazlinton, Dr Richard (HED0475)

17Billinghay Baptist Church (HED0319)

18Black (HED0369)

19Boere (HED0082)

20Bowie, Mrs Alison (HED0158)

21Brady (HED0141)

22Brown, Dr Rachel (Senior Clinical Psychologist, Second Step) (HED0353)

23Brown, Helen (HED0978)

24Brown, Hollie (HED0373)

25Brown, Mrs Sharon (HED0323)

26Bull, Deborah (HED0934)

27Burrows, Mrs Emma (HED0073)

28Butler, Mrs Ailve (Full time mum and home educator, Home) (HED0192)

29CLOSER (UCL Social Research Institute) (HED0679)

30Cailes, Matthew (HED0397)

31Carson, (HED0620)

32Carter, (HED0059)

33Carter, Mr Simon (HED0103)

34Central Bedfordshire Council (HED0401)

35Centre for Social Justice (HED0710)

36Centre for Social Mobility (HED0743)

37Chalkley, H (HED0505)

38Chalkley, S (HED0601)

39Charles, Ms Ann (HED0588)

40Charles, Rosemary (HED0086)

41Charles-Warner, Mrs Wendy (HED1000)

42Children’s Commissioner for England (HED0970)

43Chime, Jenny (HED0930)

44Chin, Mrs Kylie (HED0983)

45Chin, Mrs Kylie (HED0663)

46Christian Concern; and Christian Legal Centre (HED0384)

47Christian Education Europe Ltd (HED0748)

48Christian Home Educators UK (HED0453)

49Christian Peoples Alliance (HED0120)

50Christian Values in Education (HED0883)

51Clarkson, Penny (HED0081)

52Cleasby, Mrs Susan (HED0843)

53Close, Mrs Sarah (HED0183)

54Communication and Learning Enterprises Limited (CandLE) (HED0447)

55Contact (HED0689)

56Couch, Mr. Patrick (HED0104)

57Crossley (HED0774)

58Cudmore, Mrs Sarah (Ex Headteacher, Creator of Homeschool App Collage, Homegrown Learning Ltd) (HED0040)

59Department for Education (HED0987)

60Derbyshire County Council (HED0609)

61Devon County Council (HED0602)

62Dobson, Mr Swithun (HED0053)

63Doggrell, Mr James (Senior Tax Manager, EY) (HED0126)

64Donoghue, Mrs Helen (HED0269)

65Double, Mr Steve (Member of Parliament, UK Parliament) (HED0385)

66Dunn (HED0789)

67Dunn, Mrs Joanna (HED0731)

68Dyson, Mr; and Dyson, Mrs (HED0343)

69Ealing Local Authority (HED0693)

70Eastwood, Mrs Christina Anne (HED0174)

71Education Otherwise (HED0063)

72Education and Children’s Services Group of Prospect (HED0441)

73Educational Freedom (HED0050), (HED0995) and (HED0999)

74Edwards, Rev Joel (Vicar, Chruch of England) (HED0138)

75Elston, Mr Chris (Retired Teacher, London Borough of Croydon; Subsequent Overseas Posts) (HED0214)

76Emerson, Mrs Clare (HED0020)

77Errington, Mrs Dawn (HED0177)

78Essex County Council (HED0241)

79Evangelical Alliance UK (HED0686)

80Evans (HED0031)

81Family Education Trust (HED0387)

82Faregos Home Education (Exams + Tuition) CIC (HED0089)

83Farmer, Mrs Ann (HED0184)

84Feerick, Mr Patrick (HED0261)

85Fensham-Smith, Dr Amber (Lecturer in Childhood and Youth Studies, The Open University) (HED0917)

86Field, Mr Graham (HED0123)

87Field, Mr Nathan (Manager, Homeschool Global UK) (HED0828)

88Fisher, Mr Richard (HED0171)

89Forster, Catherine (HED0624)

90Foster, Richard (Financial Controller, Centrica Storage Limited); and Foster, Mrs Naomi (Homeschooling Mum, Foster Household) (HED0110)

91Fulford, Aly (HED0673)

92Gardner, Mrs Fiona (HED0519)

93Gateshead Council (HED0334)

94Goddard, Mr Stephen (HED0230)

95Graham, Rachel (HED0046)

96Greer, Ms Morag (HED0047)

97Gregg, Mrs Sarah (HED0060)

98HSLDA (HED0130)

99Hall, Gillian (HED0267)

100Hall, Mrs Rachel (HED0374)

101Hames, Mr Ian (Education Coordinator (Special Further Education), Sense) (HED0198)

102Hampshire County Council (HED0227)

103Harding, Mrs Colette (HED0229)

104Hardy, Mr Randall; and Hardy, Mrs Mary (HED0717)

105Harris (HED0314)

106Harris, Ms Jill (HED0863)

107Haslam, Mrs Claire (Principal Planning Policy Officer, Local government) (HED0669)

108Hawkins, Stephanie (HED0963)

109Hayhow, Rev. Stephen (Minister, Emmanuel Church) (HED0012)

110Head, Rev Philip (Chaplain, Christian Church) (HED0190)

111Herring, Mrs. Ioana (Information Assistant University of York, Home Educator) (HED0443)

112Hien, Mrs (HED0289)

113Hilton, Mrs A (HED0508)

114Hodgson, Mrs Zena (Home Education Consultant at Home Education SW) (HED0570)

115Hollick, Mrs J (HED0542)

116Home Education Advisory Service (HED0727)

117Home Education Hertfordshire (HED0446)

118Home Education Scotland (HED0704)

119Home Education UK (peer support community) (HED0922)

120Home Education and Advocacy Hub (HED0936)

121Home Educators’ Qualifications Association (HED0903)

122Horley, Ms Mary-Ann (HED0071)

123Hubert, Mr Jeremy (HED0202)

124Huegler, Nathalie (HED0694)

125Humanists UK (HED0688) and (HED0998)

126Hurst, Mr Julian (Pastor, Milnrow Evangelical Church) (HED0111)

127Hurst, Mrs. Yinka (HED0445)

128Hussaini, Mr Sam (HED0861)

129Independent Provider of Special Education Advice (known as IPSEA) (HED0737)

130Independent Schools Inspectorate (HED0375)

131Inglis, Melanie (Home educator, Member of Cambridge Home Educating Families) (HED0687)

132Jessiman, Revd Tim (Clerk in Holy Orders, Church of England) (HED0176)

133Jordan, C (HED0927)

134Jordan, Vicki (HED0636)

135Kahn, Dr Peter (HED0002)

136Kent County Council (HED0776)

137Kerbiriou, Ms Louise (HED0049)

138Kilner, Gill (HED0284)

139King, Gideon (HED0706)

140King, M (HED0732)

141Kirby, Mrs J (HED0327)

142Knox, Mrs Gill (Retired Headteacher, Governor ofHawkhurst CE Primary School and governor of Cranbrook Grammar School) (HED0108)

143Kobayashi, Mrs (HED0555)

144Kock, Kruger De (HED0523)

145Lakey, K (HED0097)

146Layton-Wood, Joshua (Data Engineer, DeadHappy) (HED0396)

147Lee (HED0054)

148Leicester City Council (HED0295)

149Lepley, Holly (HED0348)

150Ling, May (HED0606)

151Linton-Ford, Mr Chris (HED0194)

152Local Government Association (HED0330)

153London Borough of Hillingdon (HED0746)

154London Borough or Camden (HED0730)

155London Councils (HED0412)

156London, Mrs Hannah (HED0025)

157Longia, Kerry (HED0030)

158Lowther, Sally (HED0029)

159Manwell, Mr Peter (Alumni Administrator , Charis Bible College) (HED0070)

160Markham, Mrs R (HED0222)

161McClinton, Mr. Samuel Ivor (retired umiversity Senior Lecturer, Ulster University (Jordanstown campus)) (HED0221)

162McDougall, Sean (HED0992)

163McKenzie, Dr. (HED0228)

164Mear, Philip (HED0164)

165Member of the public (HED0444)

166Member of the public (HED0977)

167Member of the public (HED0979)

168Member of the public (HED0981)

169Member of the public (HED0813)

170Member of the public (HED0837)

171Member of the public (HED0576)

172Member of the public (HED0579)

173Member of the public (HED0592)

174Member of the public (HED0597)

175Member of the public (HED0599)

176Member of the public (HED0615)

177Member of the public (HED0644)

178Member of the public (HED0667)

179Member of the public (HED0565)

180Member of the public (HED0563)

181Member of the public (HED0558)

182Member of the public (HED0527)

183Member of the public (HED0497)

184Member of the public (HED0988)

185Member of the public (HED0984)

186Member of the public (HED0965)

187Member of the public (HED0941)

188Member of the public (HED0938)

189Member of the public (HED0926)

190Member of the public (HED0846)

191Member of the public (HED0812)

192Member of the public (HED0657)

193Member of the public (HED0552)

194Member of the public (HED0003)

195Member of the public (HED0005)

196Member of the public (HED0007)

197Member of the public (HED0015)

198Member of the public (HED0016)

199Member of the public (HED0061)

200Member of the public (HED0114)

201Member of the public (HED0124)

202Member of the public (HED0151)

203Member of the public (HED0154)

204Member of the public (HED0168)

205Member of the public (HED0181)

206Member of the public (HED0210)

207Member of the public (HED0213)

208Member of the public (HED0217)

209Member of the public (HED0226)

210Member of the public (HED0235)

211Member of the public (HED0258)

212Member of the public (HED0259)

213Member of the public (HED0265)

214Member of the public (HED0288)

215Member of the public (HED0303)

216Member of the public (HED0044)

217Member of the public (HED0300)

218Member of the public (HED0347)

219Member of the public (HED0410)

220Member of the public (HED0424)

221Member of the public (HED0448)

222Member of the public (HED0484)

223Member of the public (HED0491)

224Member of the public (HED0745)

225Member of the public (HED0797)

226Member of the public (HED0944)

227Member of the public (HED0945)

228Member of the public (HED0972)

229Member of the public (HED0975)

230Member of the public (HED0974)

231Member of the public (HED0966)

232Member of the public (HED0918)

233Member of the public (HED0915)

234Member of the public (HED0904)

235Member of the public (HED0896)

236Member of the public (HED0876)

237Member of the public (HED0862)

238Member of the public (HED0857)

239Member of the public (HED0830)

240Member of the public (HED0829)

241Member of the public (HED0827)

242Member of the public (HED0826)

243Member of the public (HED0823)

244Member of the public (HED0821)

245Member of the public (HED0816)

246Member of the public (HED0811)

247Member of the public (HED0805)

248Member of the public (HED0804)

249Member of the public (HED0802)

250Member of the public (HED0792)

251Member of the public (HED0786)

252Member of the public (HED0784)

253Member of the public (HED0781)

254Member of the public (HED0777)

255Member of the public (HED0772)

256Member of the public (HED0771)

257Member of the public (HED0769)

258Member of the public (HED0766)

259Member of the public (HED0765)

260Member of the public (HED0763)

261Member of the public (HED0749)

262Member of the public (HED0738)

263Member of the public (HED0246)

264Member of the public (HED0244)

265Member of the public (HED0238)

266Member of the public (HED0211)

267Member of the public (HED0180)

268Member of the public (HED0175)

269Member of the public (HED0159)

270Member of the public (HED0140)

271Member of the public (HED0093)

272Member of the public (HED0088)

273Member of the public (HED0078)

274Member of the public (HED0065)

275Member of the public (HED0045)

276Member of the public (HED0036)

277Member of the public (HED0026)

278Member of the public (HED0024)

279Member of the public (HED0022)

280Member of the public (HED0013)

281Member of the public (HED0835)

282Member of the public (HED0842)

283Member of the public (HED0847)

284Member of the public (HED0849)

285Member of the public (HED0851)

286Member of the public (HED0859)

287Member of the public (HED0873)

288Member of the public (HED0882)

289Member of the public (HED0895)

290Member of the public (HED0901)

291Member of the public (HED0914)

292Member of the public (HED0916)

293Member of the public (HED0923)

294Member of the public (HED0925)

295Member of the public (HED0935)

296Member of the public (HED0942)

297Member of the public (HED0952)

298Member of the public (HED0964)

299Member of the public (HED0982)

300Member of the public (HED0985)

301Member of the public (HED0989)

302Member of the public (HED0254)

303Member of the public (HED0262)

304Member of the public (HED0264)

305Member of the public (HED0266)

306Member of the public (HED0281)

307Member of the public (HED0282)

308Member of the public (HED0283)

309Member of the public (HED0291)

310Member of the public (HED0297)

311Member of the public (HED0304)

312Member of the public (HED0328)

313Member of the public (HED0331)

314Member of the public (HED0335)

315Member of the public (HED0344)

316Member of the public (HED0361)

317Member of the public (HED0366)

318Member of the public (HED0390)

319Member of the public (HED0403)

320Member of the public (HED0408)

321Member of the public (HED0421)

322Member of the public (HED0422)

323Member of the public (HED0440)

324Member of the public (HED0449)

325Member of the public (HED0467)

326Member of the public (HED0474)

327Member of the public (HED0482)

328Member of the public (HED0483)

329Member of the public (HED0485)

330Member of the public (HED0493)

331Member of the public (HED0494)

332Member of the public (HED0498)

333Member of the public (HED0522)

334Member of the public (HED0526)

335Member of the public (HED0529)

336Member of the public (HED0533)

337Member of the public (HED0559)

338Member of the public (HED0574)

339Member of the public (HED0577)

340Member of the public (HED0578)

341Member of the public (HED0581)

342Member of the public (HED0583)

343Member of the public (HED0593)

344Member of the public (HED0608)

345Member of the public (HED0613)

346Member of the public (HED0614)

347Member of the public (HED0630)

348Member of the public (HED0668)

349Member of the public (HED0705)

350Member of the public (HED0712)

351Member of the public (HED0724)

352Member of the public (HED0733)

353Member of the public (HED0690)

354Member of the public (HED0504)

355Member of the public (HED0512)

356Member of the public (HED0633)

357Member of the public (HED0655)

358Member of the public (HED0681)

359Mercer, Mr (HED0625)

360Metcalfe, Mr Joshua (Electrician, Josh Metcalfe Electrical) (HED0249)

361Metcalfe, Mrs Sally (HED0298)

362Mitchell, Philippa (HED0034)

363Mohammad, Ms Ozma (HED0263)

364Monk, Professor Daniel (Professor of Law, Birkbeck, University of London) (HED0286)

365Monteiro, Mrs K (HED0204)

366Morrell, Mrs Eleanor (HED0544)

367Morrison (HED0212)

368Murphy, Rev. Christopher Campbell (Associate Minister, Christ Church, Barnston with St. Michael’s, Penbsy (Church of England)) (HED0150)

369Mussell, Mr Stephen (Photographer, NiceSmile Ltd) (HED0187)

370NAHT (HED0399)

371Nash, Mrs Gemma (HED0253)

372National Association for Hospital Education (HED0087)

373National Autistic Society (HED0378)

374National Children’s Bureau (HED0729)

375National Children’s Bureau; NSPCC; Ambitious about Autism; The Children’s Society; and The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (HED0734)

376National Network of Designated Healthcare Professionals for Children (NNDHP) (HED0997)

377National Network of Parent Carer Forums (HED0968)

378Neville-Taylor, Miss Sophie (HED0363)

379Newby, Mister Alexander Joseph (HED0342)

380Neylon, Mrs Amy (Nature Friendly Schools Education Officer, The Lancashire Wildlife Trust) (HED0720)

381Nicholls, Mrs Jemma (HED0322)

382Nicholson, Ms Fiona (Home Education Consultant , Edyourself (HED0640)

383No More Exclusions (HED0383)

384Norfolk County Council (HED0431)

385Not Fine in School (HED0714)

386Nottingham City Council (HED0605)

387Nottinghamshire County Council (HED0639)

388Oakbrook Community Farm, Stroud, Gloucestershire; and Hawthorn Press (HED0039)

389Office of the Schools Adjudicator (HED0129)

390Ofsted (HED0703)

391Oldfield, Mrs Tracy (HED0683)

392Parentkind (HED0416)

393Peach, Mr. Michael (HED0109)

394Pearce, Kate (HED0458)

395Pearson (HED0770)

396Pietersz, Graeme (Partner, Code and More LLP) (HED0339)

397Pike, Lucy (HED0598)

398Pimlott, Jemma (HED0961)

399Pirrie, Miss Ellie (Policy and Research Assistant, NSPCC) (HED0960)

400Pointon, Yvette (HED0962)

401Portsmouth Home Education Group (HED0325)

402Prentice, Mark (Church of England Minister, Anglican Church) (HED0116)

403Price, Mrs Hope (Registered Nurse, Friends of Fairford & Lechlade Nurses) (HED0165)

404Quail, Dr Michael (Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children, London.) (HED0197)

405Quintanilla, Sally (HED0125)


407Ratcliffe, Mrs (HED0398)

408Reeves, Mrs Esther (HED0697)

409Richardson, Mrs Jayne (HED0898)

410Robinson, Ben (HED0132)

411Rodgers, Mrs Karen (HED0676) and (HED0959)

412Roma Support Group (HED0768)

413Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (HED0405)

414Rowell, Mr Andrew (Pastor, Grace Evangelical Church) (HED0105)

415Russell, A (HED0019)

416Ryan, Dr (HED0406)

417Salford City Council (HED0600)

418Sansbury, Dr Francis (HED0617)

419Sauer, Mrs Alison (Advocate) (HED0695)

420Schoolhouse SCIO (HED0564)

421Scottish Home Education Forum (HED0094)

422Seidler, Mrs Rowina (HED0841)

423Sharp, Kate (HED0010)

424Sharry, Mrs (HED0056)

425Simister, James (HED0996)

426Simpson Millar (HED0957)

427Skillen, Ms Jennifer (Owner and moderator,; and Noone (HED0759)

428Slack, Dr Roger (Chairman (voluntary), Christian Home Education Support Society) (HED0450)

429Smith, Mrs Polly (HED0075)

430Smithee, Mr (HED0678)

431Sonne, Mr Michael (HED0131)

432South Gloucestershire Council (HED0423)

433South Manchester Natural Parenting Group & Sling Library (HED0313)

434Southend borough council (HED0787)

435Special Educational Consortium (HED0990)

436Spencer, Mrs F (HED0280)

437Spriddle, Ms Julie (HED0368)

438SPUC Safe in School (HED0864)

439Staffordshire County Council (HED0425)

440Steward PhD, Alison (HED0518)

441Stockport Council (HED0468)

442Strange, Mrs Fennie (HED0234)

443Sudbury, Ms Gigi (HED0067) and (HED0068)

444Suitable Education (HED0780)

445Sweetland, Dr Joanna (occupational therapist / co-director of Streams Education, private consultant OT & researcher / Streams Education Ltd) (HED0349)

446Taunton Home Education (HED0432)

447Taylor, Mr (HED0035)

448Taylor, Mrs Fiona (HED0351)

449Taylor, Neil (HED0433)

450Taylor, Professor Stephen (University Professor, University of Liverpool) (HED0172)

451Telford and Wrekin Council (HED0666)

452The Association of Directors of Children’s Services (HED0956)

453The Centre for Personalised Education (HED0643)

454The Centre for Personalised Education; and Elective Home Education Association (HED0993)

455The Centre for Self Managed Learning (HED0037)

456The Christian Institute (HED0761)

457The European Academy for Christian Homeschooling (HED0618)

458The GesherEU Support Network (GesherEU) (HED0163)

459The Home Education Hub (HED0969)

460The Open University (HED0674)

461The Otherwise Club (HED0395)

462The Traveller Movement (HED0380)

463Thompson (HED0320)

464Thomson, Mrs Hilary (Housewife/former secondary school teacher, My home and family) (HED0287)

465Thorpe, Mrs (HED0865)

466Trafford, Dr Bernard (HED0372)

467Trump, Mrs Ruth (HED0638)

468Tutors & Exams (HED0057)

469UK Unschooling Network (HED0415)

470UNICEF UK (HED0434)

471Venables, Mr Philip (HED0127)

472Voice for Justice UK; and ParentPower (HED0169)

473Walker, Pastor Jeremy (Pastor, Maidenbower Baptist Church) (HED0107)

474Wallwork, Mrs (HED0191)

475Walsh, Mr Andrew (HED0407)

476Ward, Mrs Jane (HED0670)

477Warwickshire County Council (HED0426)

478Weiss, H (HED0470)

479Wey Education Plc (HED0278)

480Whitehouse (HED0376)

481Whyman, Mrs Nichola (HED0627)

482Wiggett, Mr Graham; and Wiggett, Mrs Pauline (HED0315)

483Williams (HED0248)

484Williams, Ms Willo (HED0646)

485Williamson, (HED0524)

486Windross, Kate (HED0696)

487Woodrow, Mrs (HED0076)

488Youth Justice Board (HED0976)

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