The forgotten: how White working-class pupils have been let down, and how to change it Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

LBP numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Asthana, Professor Sheena (Director of the Plymouth Institute of Health and Care Research, University of Plymouth) (LBP0034); Gibson, Dr Alex (Senior Research Fellow, University of Plymouth)

2Atkins, Professor Liz (LBP0011)

3Barnardo’s (LBP0065)

4Barnes, Professor Liz (Vice Chancellor, Staffordshire University) (LBP0059)

5Billingham, Mr Luke (Head of Strategy, Reach Academy Feltham & Reach Children’s Hub) (LBP0023)

6Blackpool Centre for Early Child Development (LBP0063)

7Bowen-Viner, Ms Kate (Senior Associate, The Centre for Education and Youth) (LBP0002)

8CBE, Jean Gross (LBP0043)

9Campbell, Dr Tammy (LBP0019)

10Cartwright, Mr Nick; Cartwright, Mrs Olorunteleola; Wallace, Mr Roy; and Wallace, Ms Adree (LBP0010)

11Cowley, Alan and Leigh, Steve, Engagement in Education Ltd; Goodall, Dr Janet, Swansea University; Hurn OBE, Nick, Bishop Wilkinson Catholic Education Trust; de Muschamp, Mrs Debra, Iris Learning Trust; and Hopkins, Grant, formerly Lockwood Primary School (LBP0027)

12Child Rights International Network (CRIN) (LBP0025)

13Crew, Melanie (Policy Manager, National Literacy Trust) (LBP0020)

14Cuthbert, Claire-Marie (Chief Executive Officer, Evolve Trust) (LBP0053)

15Department of Education (LBP0044)

16Dickinson, Emma (Principal Policy Office—Employment and Skills, Liverpool City Region Combined Authority) (LBP0017)

17Education Endowment Foundation (LBP0041)

18Edwards, Professor Peter (Professor of Inorganic Chemstry, Department of Chemistry, University of Oxford) (LBP0048)

19Elliot-Major, Professor Lee (Professor of Social Mobility , University of Exeter) (LBP0035)

20Head, Mr Michael (LBP0004)

21Haytor View Primary School (LBP0061)

22Hernandez, Ms Alex (Public Affairs Manager, Catholic Education Service) (LBP0014)

23Hurn OBE, Nick (Chief Executive Officer at Bishop Wilkinson Catholic Education Trust) (LBP0052)

24I CAN Children’s Communication Charity (LBP0031)

25Jonsson, Terese (Policy Officer, Prisoners’ Education Trust) (LBP0012)

26Knott, Theo (Education Programme Manager, NESTA) (LBP0016)

27Leckie, Professor George (LBP0008)

28Local Trust (LBP0039)

29Lock, Mr Stuart (CEO , Advantage Schools) (LBP0009)

30London and South East Education Group (LBP0064)

31MP, Philip Davies (LBP0049)

32Mazhari, Dr Tuba (Research & Policy Officer, The National Education Opportunities Network (NEON)) (LBP0005)

33McGoh, Mr Jon (Producer, Mercurial Pictures) (LBP0003)

34McPhillips, Andrew (Chief Economist, The Northern Powerhouse Partnership) (LBP0058)

35Men and Boys Coalition (LBP0033)

36NALDIC (National Association for Language Development in the Curriculum) (LBP0036)

37National Citizen Service (LBP0062)

38Ofsted (LBP0042)

39Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years (PACEY) (LBP0057)

40Scouts (LBP0060)

41Skerritt, Samuel (Head of Content and Communications, New Schools Network) (LBP0047)

42Smith, Mr Laurie (Trustee and company secretary, Let’s Think Forum) (LBP0007)

43Smyth, Karin (LBP0040)

44Social Mobility Commission (LBP0046)

45The Northern Powerhouse Education Consortium (LBP0018)

46St Christopher’s Fellowship (LBP0024)

47Stewart, Clementine (Local Governing Board Vice Chair, Langford and Wilberforce Partnership) (LBP0054)

48Sutton Trust (LBP0029)

49Teachfirst (LBP0055)

50The Bell Foundation (LBP0026)

51Treloar, Mr Nick (Research and Policy Officer, The Runnymede Trust) (LBP0021)

52Turner, Robert (LBP0050)

53United Learning (LBP0056)

54Universities Policy Engagement Network (UPEN) (LBP0045)

55Universities UK (LBP0030)

56University of Central Lancashire; West Lakes Academy; Dropzone Youth Projects; and Furness Academy (LBP0028)

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