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European Scrutiny Committee

The European Scrutiny Committee is appointed under Standing Order No.143 to examine European Union documents.

Current membership

Sir William Cash MP (Conservative, Stone) (Chair)

Tahir Ali MP (Labour, Birmingham, Hall Green)

Jon Cruddas MP (Labour, Dagenham and Rainham)

Allan Dorans MP (Scottish National Party, Ayr Carrick and Cumnock)

Richard Drax MP (Conservative, South Dorset)

Margaret Ferrier MP (Scottish National Party, Rutherglen and Hamilton West)

Mr Marcus Fysh MP (Conservative, Yeovil)

Mrs Andrea Jenkyns MP (Conservative, Morley and Outwood)

Mr David Jones MP (Conservative, Clwyd West)

Stephen Kinnock MP (Labour, Aberavon)

Mr David Lammy MP (Labour, Tottenham)

Marco Longhi MP (Conservative, Dudley North)

Craig Mackinley MP (Conservative, South Thanet)

Ann Marie Morris MP (Conservative, Newton Abbot)

Charlotte Nichols MP (Labour, Warrington North)

Greg Smith MP (Conservative, Buckingham)


The Committee’s powers are set out in Standing Order No. 143. The scrutiny reserve resolution, passed by the House, provides that Ministers should not give agreement to EU proposals which have not been cleared by the European Scrutiny Committee, or on which, when they have been recommended by the Committee for debate, the House has not yet agreed a resolution. The scrutiny reserve resolution is printed with the House’s Standing Orders, which are available at


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Committee reports are published on the Committee’s website and in print by Order of the House.


The current staff of the Committee are Ravi Abhayaratne (Committee Operations Assistant), Joanne Dee (Deputy Counsel for European and International Law), Alistair Dillon and Leigh Gibson (Senior Committee Specialists), Nat Ireton (Committee Operations Officer), Daniel Moeller (Committee Operations Manager), Foeke Noppert (Senior Committee Specialist), Indira Rao MBE (Counsel for European and International Law), Paula Saunderson (Committee Operations Assistant), Emily Unwin (Deputy Counsel for European and International Law), Dr George Wilson (Clerk), Beatrice Woods (Committee Operations Officer).


All correspondence should be addressed to the Clerk of the European Scrutiny Committee, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA. The telephone number for general enquiries is (020) 7219 3292/8185. The Committee’s email address is

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