The UK Government’s Response to the Myanmar Crisis Contents

6Myanmar nationals in the UK

46.In April 2021, then-Ambassador of Myanmar to the UK, Kyaw Zwar Minn, bravely condemned the military coup in Myanmar. For this, he was dismissed as Myanmar’s representative to the UK and “locked out” of the embassy.57 The Government announced intentions to support Mr Minn while he “decides his long-term future”.58

47.Support is needed by others. The military takeover of the embassy has led to some Myanmar nationals in the UK feeling unable to visit the embassy for visa extensions, due to fears for their or their families’ safety. Written evidence from NUG Campaign UK said that it is likely that, if forced to undergo the lengthy asylum protest, some of these people will be deported back to Myanmar.59

48.While we commend the Government’s decision to provide support to the recently deposed Myanmar ambassador, Kyaw Zwar Minn, we recognise that there are other Myanmar nationals in the UK requiring assistance. These people do not have access to the proper channels for extending their UK visas. We recommend that the Government introduces ‘protected status’ lasting the duration of the violence for Myanmar nationals who are currently based in the UK but are unable to renew their visas due to the military’s occupation of the embassy in London.

59 NUG Campaign UK (MYA0035) para 18

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