The Government’s White Paper proposals for the reform of Health and Social Care Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

HSC numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1AYMES (HSC0860)

2Academy of Medical Royal Colleges (HSC0782)

3Academy of Medical Sciences (HSC0940)

4Action on Salt and Action on Sugar (HSC0724)

5Adam Smith Institute (HSC0025)

6Advanced Accelerator Applications (HSC0030)

7Advisory Group on Contraception (HSC0898)

8Against, Chairman of Hampshire (HSC0015)

9Age UK (HSC0986)

10Alliance, Specialised Healthcare (Secretariat, Specialised Healthcare Alliance) (HSC0881)

11Allied Health Professions Federation (AHPF) (HSC0774)

12Alzheimer’s Society (HSC0959)

13Anthony Nolan (HSC0768)

14Association of Dental Groups (HSC0024)

15BMA (British Medical Association) (HSC0873)

16BUPA (HSC0885)

17Bainbridge, Mr David (HSC0491)

18Bagchi, Mrs Cynthia (HSC0022)

19Bajina, Mr John (Manager, Bajinc Ltd) (HSC0210)

20Baksi, Dr Sonya (Retired consultant community paediatrician, retired member British Medical Association) (HSC0606)

21Bannerman, Stuart (Retired) (HSC0215)

22Bisgrove, Mr Gareth (Emergency Ambulance Crew, London Ambulance Service NHS Trust) (HSC0614)

23Blackman, Dr Roger (HSC0811)

24Boote, Sarah (HSC0536)

25Boothroyd, Christopher (HSC0007)

26British Association for Sexual Health and HIV (BASHH) (HSC0937)

27British Dental Association (HSC0955)

28British HIV Association (HSC0862)

29British HIV Association (HSC0908)

30British International Doctors Association (HSC0872)

31British Red Cross (HSC0965)

32British Specialist Nutrition Association (HSC0920)

33Bromsgrove for Pure Water (HSC0020)

34Brookes, Dr Sasha (HSC0560)

35Browne, Professor Kevin (Director of Centre for Forensic and Family Psychology, School of Medicine, University of Nottingham) (HSC0008)

36Bupa Dental Care (HSC0926)

37Campaign for Freedom of Information (HSC0980)

38Camurus (HSC0983)

39Cancer Research UK (HSC0889)

40Care England (HSC0783)

41Care Quality Commission (HSC0906)

42Carers Trust (HSC0028)

43Carers UK (HSC0942)

44Carnaghan, Mr Robert (HSC0928)

45Centre for Mental Health (HSC0954)

46Chamings, Mr Andrew (Retired teacher, Brayton College) (HSC0634)

47Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (HSC0927)

48Christian Science Committee on Publication (HSC0839)

49City & Guilds (HSC0903)

50Clein, Mr Paul (Pharmacist, Self employed) (HSC0658)

51Coproduce Care CIC (HSC0806)

52Cross, Mr Douglas (Forensic Ecologist, FRSB, UK Councils Against Fluoridation) (HSC0896)

53Dale, Ms Eileen (HSC0635)

54Davis, Mr Richard (Electronic Engineer and Company Director, Reynard Electronics Ltd) (HSC0127)

55Dell, Mrs Denise (HSC0848)

56Diabetes UK (HSC0923)

57Dignan, Mrs Mary (HSC0340)

58Dignity in Dying (HSC0808)

59Doctors for the NHS (HSC0968)

60Donovan, Liz (Retired Nurse) (HSC0656)

61Dowell, Dr Andrew (Retired, Warwick University) (HSC0976)

62Dowse, Ms Wendy M (HSC0621)

63Edwards Lifesciences (HSC0858)

64Ehrlicher, Steve (HSC0282)

65Endometriosis UK (HSC0930)

66FODO - Association of Eye Care Providers; and NCHA - National Community Hearing Association (HSC0925)

67Forrest, Mr David William (HSC0019)

68Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH); and Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) (HSC0795)

69Floyd, Mr James (Public Affairs Officer, Anchor Hanover) (HSC0027)

70Fluoride Free Cumbria (HSC0032)

71Fraser, Mr Don (Retired, Policeman) (HSC0341)

72Good Things Foundation (HSC0900)

73Guy, Dr Mary (HSC0785)

74Hall, Dr Nicola (HSC0392)

75Hammersmith and Fulham Save Our NHS (HAFSON) (HSC0893)

76Harniman, Mr Gerald (Retired FE College Senior Lecturer, Westminster College of Further Education (now Westminster & Kingsway College)) (HSC0371)

77Harrowing, Karen (HSC0946)

78Health Foundation (HSC0004)

79HealthWatch England (HSC0006)

80Healthcare Financial Management Association (HSC0859)

81Hologic (HSC0794)

82Horler, Wendy (Teacher of the Deaf - Retired, Paediatric Cochlear Implant prgramme Guys and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust) (HSC0821)

83Independent Ambulance Association (HSC0915)

84Independent Healthcare Providers Network (IHPN) (HSC0761)

85Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (HSC0932)

86JDRF UK (HSC0790)

87Jameson, Jacqueline (HSC0505)

88Keep Our NHS Public (HSC0819)

89Lang, Mrs Hilary (HSC0780)

90Local Government Association (HSC0011)

91London Borough of Hackney (HSC0981)

92MSI Reproductive Choices UK (HSC0961)

93Macdonald, Andy (Network Manager (Retired), Greenhead College) (HSC0360)

94Mactaggart, Dr. Iain (President, FMAX Technologies Inc.) (HSC0663)

95Marie Curie (HSC0827)

96Martin, Tony (Boss, Self employed) (HSC0645)

97Matthews, Mr Rob (Retired Master Mariner, UK Merchant Navy) (HSC0773)

98McGuinness, Mr Andy (Senior Public Affairs Advisor, Macmillan Cancer Support) (HSC0975)

99McKesson UK (HSC0913)

100Medical Protection Society (HSC0016)

101Medical Technology Group (HSC0887)

102Mencap (HSC0948)

103Merriman, Richard (HSC0962)

104Mind (HSC0985)

105Mitchell, Bruce (HSC0455)

106Motor Neurone Disease Association (HSC0904)

107Mountain, Julia (HSC0646)

108Mountlands Trust Limited T/A Lime Tree House (HSC0818)

109NHS Confederation (HSC0005)

110NHS Providers (HSC0987)

111NHS Providers (HSC0003)

112National AIDS Trust (HSC0967)

113National Audit Office (HSC0982)

114National Care Forum (HSC0939)

115National Children’s Bureau (HSC0936)

116National Pharmacy Association (HSC0931)

117National Voices (HSC0979)

118Newman, John (HSC0695)

119Novo Nordisk (HSC0924)

120Nursing and Midwifery Council (HSC0971)

121Openshaw, Mr Peter (Retired (formerly a Civil Servant), Latterly, Department for Transport) (HSC0947)

122Our NHS Our Concern (HSC0854)

123PAGB, the consumer healthcare association (HSC0917)

124Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (HSC0888)

125Peacock, Mr Henry (Retired Local Government Officer, Local government) (HSC0375)

126Peckham, Professor Stephen (Professor of Health Policy, University of Kent) (HSC0874)

127Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (HSC0909)

128Philips UKI (HSC0978)

129Pickering (HSC0745)

130Pinnell, Mr George (HSC0918)

131Policy Research Unit in Health and Care Systems and Commissioning (HSC0748)

132Primary Health Properties (HSC0933)

133Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care (HSC0972)

134Protect (HSC0029)

135Protect Our NHS BANES (HSC0834)

137RNID (HSC0890)

138Repton, Dr Charles (HSC0229)

139Rethink Mental Illness (HSC0919)

140Revill, Dr David (HSC0573)

141Roche Diabetes Care (HSC0128)

142Royal College of GPs (HSC0950)

143Royal College of Midwives (HSC0750)

144Royal College of Nursing (HSC0916)

145Royal College of Physicians (HSC0934)

146Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh (HSC0789)

147Royal College of Psychiatrists; Centre for Mental Health; Mind; Mental Health Network of the NHS Confederation; Mental Health Foundation; and Rethink Mental Illness (HSC0958)

148Royal College of Radiologists (HSC0929)

149Royal Pharmaceutical Society (HSC0935)

150Ruane, Dr Sally (Reader in Social Policy, De Montfort University, Leicester) (HSC0949)

151Save Our Hospital Services Devon (HSC0844)

152Simplyhealth (HSC0817)

153Smith, Geoffrey (Retired, PPG) (HSC0017)

154Smith, Professor Judith (Professor of Health Policy and Management and Director of Health Services Management Centre , University of Birmingham); Professor Jon Glasby (Professor of Health and Social Care, University of Birmingham); and Professor Robin Miller (Co-Director, Centre for Health and Social Care Leadership, University of Birmingham) (HSC0868)

155Snell, Ms Nicola (Self-employed teaching/arts, AMET) (HSC0154)

156Social Work England (HSC0797)

157Somervaille, Dr Lillian (retired Public Health Consultant, NHS various) (HSC0137)

158Specsavers (HSC0938)

159Stewart, Ms Joan (HSC0815)

160Sue Ryder (HSC0866)

161Sustainable Care programme, University of Sheffield and partners (HSC0945)

162Sutton, Ms Lucy (Policy Manager, Association of Directors of Public Health) (HSC0902)

163Tallerman, Professor Maggie (Emerita Professor, Newcastle University) (HSC0792)

164Terrence Higgins Trust (HSC0970)

165The Almshouse Association (HSC0014)

166The Association of Optometrists (AOP) (HSC0796)

167The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) (HSC0861)

168The Charlie Gard Foundation (HSC0895)

169The Company Chemists’ Association (HSC0804)

170The Health Devolution Commission (HSC0922)

171The Health and Care Professions Council (HSC0880)

172The Kings Fund (HSC0001)

173The LIFT Council (HSC0820)

174The Nuffield Trust (HSC0002)

175The Patients Association (HSC0892)

176The Richmond Group of Charities (HSC0853)

177The Royal British Legion (HSC0021)

178The Royal College of Emergency Medicine (HSC0984)

179The Royal College of Podiatry (HSC0921)

180The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (HSC0778)

181Tredgold, Dr Christopher (HSC0551)

182Turner, Mrs Christine (N/A, N?A) (HSC0607)

183UK Faculty of Public Health (HSC0026)

184UNISON (HSC0886)

185United Kingdom Freedom From Fluoride Alliance (HSC0010)

186United Kingdom Freedom From Fluoride Alliance (HSC0953)

187University of Bristol (HSC0013)

188Vidal, Mr Michael (HSC0009)

189Virgin Care (HSC0912)

190Vyvyan, Michael (HSC0642)

191Walton, Keith (Therapist, Keith Walton therapy) (HSC0223)

192Watson, Mr Ken (HSC0449)

193Williams, Mr Richard (HSC0404)

194World Alliance for Mercury Free Dentistry (HSC0801)

195Wortley, Dr Pam (Retired GP, NHS) (HSC0899)

196Zutshi, Ms Mavis (HSC0833)

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