Workforce burnout and resilience in the NHS and social care



1 Introduction

2 The scale of and impact of workforce burnout in the NHS and social care


What is burnout and what causes it?

Quantifying the size of the problem

Effect of burnout

Chronic excessive workload

Effect of vacancies in the health and care sector

Intensity of workload

Pay and reward


Systems and working cultures

The impact of burnout

3 Workplace culture


A culture of ‘speaking up’

Compassionate leadership

Bullying and unprofessional behaviour

Workplace culture and staff from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds

Workforce data on ethnicity

Challenges faced by Black, Asian and minority ethnic staff

Staff from overseas

4 The impact of covid-19 on burnout


Effect of the pandemic on NHS staff

Covid-19: social care staff

Supporting mental health during covid-19 and beyond

The impact of covid-

5 Workforce planning

Workforce planning and social care

The People Plan

6 Conclusion: Bringing together the post-pandemic response with better workforce planning

Conclusions and recommendations

Formal minutes


Published written evidence

List of Reports from the Committee during the current Parliament

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