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Appendix 2: Letter from Alex Chalk MP

Letter dated 18 June 2021 from Alex Chalk MP, Parliamentary-Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Justice, on Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre

Dear Bob,

As you know, following the invoking of the Urgent Notification protocol at Rainsbrook Secure Training Centre last December, the Youth Custody Service ordered the provider MTC to take the immediate action necessary to address the unacceptable failings at Rainsbrook, including a focus on ensuring no child was isolated on arrival and all children in the Reverse Cohorting Unit, have suitable access to services and a greater amount of time out of their room. Whilst this has been achieved, it is clear – in particular over the last month - that significant issues around staffing, safety, safeguarding and on-site operational grip remain, with measures taken having not done enough to resolve the long-standing issues. These concerns have been further highlighted by a recently concluded Ofsted inspection which, although the final report has yet to be published, is understood will further emphasise these failings.

As a result, work has begun to remove all children from Rainsbrook in the coming weeks, transferring them to alternative appropriate accommodation within the youth secure estate. I want to assure you that we have taken this action to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children at Rainsbrook, which remains my priority.

Separate to this, we are also considering the future of the centre, with a further announcement to be made on this position in due course. I will of course write to you in order to notify you of this decision.

Yours sincerely,

Alex Chalk MP

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