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Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

LEG numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.


2ATLEU (Anti Trafficking and Labour Exploitation Unit) (LEG0097)

3Access Social Care (LEG0042)

4Access Social Care; Choice Support; Association of Mental Health Providers; Mencap Croydon; Avenues; Mencap; Dimensions; Milestones Trust; United Response; and Age UK + National Autistic Society (LEG0062)

5Advice Sector Panel, Administrative Justice Council (LEG0063)

6Astin, Ms Diane (Consultant Solicitor/Lecturer in Legal Practice, Deighton Pierce Glynn/Brunel University) (LEG0093)

7Aubrey-Johnson, Kate (Chair, MoJ Youth Advocacy Working Group) (LEG0099)

8Bail for Immigration Detainees (LEG0081)

9Baldwin, Dan (LEG0016)

10Barlow, Professor Anne (Professor of Family Law and Policy, University of Exeter); and Ewing, Dr Jan (Research Fellow, University of Exeter) (LEG0054)

11Beringer, Guy (LEG0014)

12Birmingham Law Society (LEG0024)

13Broudie Jackson Canter (LEG0012)

14CORE Coalition; Amnesty International UK; Traidcraft Exchange; UNISON; and Business and Human Rights Resource Centre (LEG0090)

15Consortium of Expert Witnesses to the Family Courts (LEG0075)

16Coram Children’s Legal Centre (LEG0069)

17Cousins, Naomi (PhD Student, University of Manchester); Garland, Dr Fae (Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Manchester); and Lamont, Dr Ruth (Senior Lecturer in Child and Family Law, University of Manchester) (LEG0025)

18Crowther, Ms Olivia (Director and Solicitor, Shearer and Co Solicitors Ltd) (LEG0004)

19Dehaghani, Dr Roxanna (Senior Lecturer in Law, Cardiff University); and Newman, Dr Daniel (Senior Lecturer in Law, Cardiff University) (LEG0022)

20Eaton, Mrs Debbie (LEG0087)

21Employment Legal Advice Network (LEG0028)

22FNF Both Parents Matter Cymru (LEG0084)

23Families Need Fathers - because both parents matter (LEG0092)

24Flack, Mr William (Freelance/Consultant Solicitor, Matthew Gold and Morrison Spowart Solicitors) (LEG0010)

25Garden Court Chambers (LEG0044)

26Hammersmith and Fulham Law Centre (LEG0052)

27Helen Bamber Foundation (LEG0064)

28Housing Law Practitioners Association (LEG0100)

29Howard League for Penal Reform (LEG0094)


31Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association (LEG0020)

32Independent Advisory Panel on Deaths in Custody (LEG0036)

33Islington Law Centre (housing unit) (LEG0023)


35Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (LEG0046)

36Just for Kids Law (LEG0055)

37Justice Collaborations (LEG0067)

38Kalayaan (LEG0039)

39Keith Borer Consultants (LEG0019)

40Kemp, Dr Vicky (Principal Research Fellow, U) (LEG0015)

41Law Centres Network (LEG0056)

42LawWorks (LEG0088)

43Leader, Dr Kate (Lecturer, York Law School) (LEG0038)

44Legal Action Group (LEG0083)

45Legal Aid Practitioners Group (LEG0096)

46Legal Services Board (LEG0049)

47Leigh Day (LEG0043)

48Maclean, Mavis (Senior Research Fellow, University of Oxford) (LEG0018)

49Magistrates Association (LEG0035)

50Mant, Dr Jess (Lecturer in Law, Cardiff University) (LEG0032)

51Marcus, Judge Philip (Retired Judge of the Jerusalem Family Court, Israel, Independent Researcher) (LEG0031)

52Mary Ward Legal Centre (LEG0050)

53Ministry of Justice (LEG0102)

54Mission and Public Affairs Council, Church of England (LEG0007)

55NACCOM (LEG0057)

56National Family Mediation (LEG0021)

57Norfolk Community Law Service (LEG0048)

58Public Law Project (LEG0045)

59Refugee Council (LEG0040)

60Resolution (LEG0060)

61Rights of Women (LEG0051)

62Ross, Mr Robbie (Director , Solicitor HCA, Ross Solicitor Ltd) (LEG0047)

63Royal College of Occupational Therapists (LEG0074)

64Shelter (LEG0065)

65Smith, Professor Roger (LEG0008)

66Society of Clinical Injury Lawyers (SCIL) (LEG0027)

67Somek & Associates (LEG0071)

68Surviving Economic Abuse (LEG0082)

69The Bar Council (LEG0073)

70The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (LEG0037)

71The Divorce Surgery (LEG0017)

72The Expert Witness Institute (LEG0078)

73The Family Law Company (LEG0029)

74The Law Society of England and Wales (LEG0070)

75The Legal Education Foundation (LEG0086)

76Themis - The Intersectional Women Barristers’ Alliance (LEG0079)

77Thornton, Dr James (Lecturer in Law, Nottingham Trent University) (LEG0034)

78Transform Justice (LEG0013)

79Tuckers Solicitors LLP (LEG0101)

80Watson, Miss Angela (LEG0061)

81Welsh, Dr Lucy (Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Sussex) (LEG0011)

82Wilding, Dr Jo (ESRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow, University of Brighton) (LEG0009)

83Young Legal Aid Lawyers (LEG0095)

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