Covid-19 and the criminal law Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

COV numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (COV0006)

2Big Brother Watch (COV0010)

3Casey, Mrs Karen; and, Casey Mr Edward (COV0005)

4Collard, Dr Melanie (Lecturer in Criminal Law and Criminal Justice, Brunel University London); Black, Dr Isra (Lecturer in Law, University of York); Forsberg, Dr Lisa (British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Oxford); Carvalho, Dr Henrique (Associate Professor in Law, University of Warwick); and Chamberlen, Dr Anastasia (Associate Professor of Sociology, University of Warwick) (COV0004)

5COVID-19 Review Observatory, Birmingham Law School, University of Birmingham (COV0007)

6Chapman, Mr Andrew (COV0001)

7Crown Prosecution Service (COV0009)

8Fair Trials (COV0008)

9Greenberg CB, Mr Daniel (Counsel for Domestic Legislation, House of Commons) (COV0003)

10Kirk, Tristan (Courts Correspondent, London Evening Standard) (COV0011)

11Ministry of Justice (COV0012)

12Oswald, Dr Marion (Vice-Chancellor’s Senior Fellow in Law, Northumbria University); Janjeva, Ardi (Research Analyst, Royal United Services Institute); and Allsopp, Rachel (Research Associate, Northumbria University) (COV0002)

13The Magistrates Association (COV0014)

14Transform Justice (COV0013)

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