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Justice Committee

The Justice Committee is appointed by the House of Commons to examine the expenditure, administration and policy of the Ministry of Justice and its associated public bodies (including the work of staff provided for the administrative work of courts and tribunals, but excluding consideration of individual cases and appointments, and excluding the work of the Scotland and Wales Offices and of the Advocate General for Scotland); and administration and expenditure of the Attorney General’s Office, the Treasury Solicitor’s Department, the Crown Prosecution Service and the Serious Fraud Office (but excluding individual cases and appointments and advice given within government by Law Officers).

Current membership

Sir Robert Neill MP (Conservative, Bromley and Chislehurst) (Chair)

Rob Butler MP (Conservative, Aylesbury)

Angela Crawley MP (Scottish National Party, Lanark and Hamilton East)

Janet Daby MP (Labour, Lewisham East)

James Daly MP (Conservative, Bury North)

Sarah Dines MP (Conservative, Derbyshire Dales)

Maria Eagle MP (Labour, Garston and Halewood)

Laura Farris MP (Conservative, Newbury)

Kate Hollern MP (Labour, Blackburn)

Dr Kieran Mullan MP (Conservative, Crewe and Nantwich)

Andy Slaughter MP (Labour, Hammersmith)

The following were also Members of the Committee during the 2021–22 Session: Paula Barker MP (Labour, Liverpool, Wavertree), Kenny MacAskill MP (Alba Party, East Lothian), John Howell MP (Conservative, Henley)


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The Committee is one of the departmental select committees, the powers of which are set out in House of Commons Standing Orders, principally in SO No 152. These are available on the internet via


Committee reports are published on the Committee’s website at and in print by Order of the House.

Committee staff

The current staff of the Committee are Chloë Cockett (Senior Specialist), Gina Degtyareva (Committee Media Officer), Su Panchanathan (Committee Operations Officer), George Perry (Committee Media Officer), Christine Randall (Committee Operations Manager), Jack Simson Caird (Assistant Counsel), Ben Street (Second Clerk), Holly Tremain (Committee Specialist), and David Weir (Clerk).


All correspondence should be addressed to the Clerk of the Justice Committee, House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA. The telephone number for general enquiries is 020 7219 8196; the Committee’s email address is

You can follow the Committee on Twitter using @CommonsJustice.

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