Twenty-sixth Report: Work of the Commission in 2020 Contents


1.This is the twenty-sixth report made to the House of Commons since the establishment of the Public Accounts Commission under the National Audit Act 1983. This report covers the work of the Commission during the calendar year 2020.

2.The Commission has nine members. Two—the Leader of the House of Commons and the Chair of the Committee of Public Accounts (PAC)—are members ex-officio. The others are appointed by the House of Commons.

3.The following were members of the Commission in 2020:

Mr Richard Bacon

Mr Nicholas Brown

Jack Brereton

Douglas Chapman (until 18 March)

Clive Efford

Peter Grant (from 18 March)

Dame Meg Hillier (ex-officio as Chair of the Committee of Public Accounts)

Julian Knight (until 18 March)

Sir Edward Leigh

Alan Mak (from 18 March)

Mr Jacob Rees-Mogg (ex-officio as Leader of the House)

4.Sir Edward Leigh was re-elected as Chairman of the Commission at the first meeting in the new Parliament on 21 January 2020. Following Sir Edward’s decision to stand down as Chairman, Mr Richard Bacon was elected as Chairman of the Commission on 24 March. The Commission recorded its thanks for Sir Edward’s distinguished service as Chairman.

5.Kevin Maddison was Secretary of the Commission throughout 2020. Christine McGrane was the Operations Officer until 30 November when Arvind Gunnoo took over. The Commission was supported in its work by Larry Honeysett, Head of Financial Scrutiny at the House of Commons.

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