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Appointment of Chair of IPSA

1.The Chair of the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) is appointed by Her Majesty the Queen, following an Address from the House of Commons. The Speaker of the House of Commons is required to select the Chair “on merit on the basis of fair and open competition”, and the Speaker’s Committee for IPSA must approve the candidate selected by the Speaker before the motion for an Address can be made.

2.A vacancy for the Chair of IPSA arose in October 2019 following the resignation of Ruth Evans. A recruitment process for a new Chair was initially launched in the Spring of 2020 but the Committee and Mr Speaker agreed at the longlist stage to pause the process. They wanted to take stock to ensure the process attracted the broadest possible range of capable candidates. The process was subsequently started afresh. This report sets out details of the procedure followed in the new process.

The Process

3.In February 2021, Mr Speaker appointed the following panel to conduct the initial sifting and interview of candidates:

The Panel was asked to provide Mr Speaker with the names of one or more candidates who they believed were appointable to the role. The recruitment consultants Veredus were engaged by IPSA to support the process.

4.The panel reviewed the recruitment pack and advertisement for the role and revised and updated the role description and person specification. The campaign went live on 19 March and closed on 19 April. The post was publicly advertised on the Sunday Times Appointments website, the Veredus website and the Cabinet Office Public Appointments website. Candidates were asked to provide their CV, a statement in support of their application, and a declaration of any political activities.

5.33 applications were received. The panel met on 26 April to consider a report from the recruitment consultants and agreed to longlist ten candidates for a preliminary interview with the search consultants. The Panel met again on 17 May to consider the outcome of these preliminary interviews and agreed to shortlist six candidates for interview, one of whom subsequently withdrew from the process.

6.Each shortlisted candidate was offered the opportunity to meet the Chief Executive of IPSA and a serving member of the IPSA board to discuss the role of IPSA and its current programme of activity. Two references on each of the shortlisted candidates were obtained ahead of the interviews.

7.The interviews took place on 3 and 7 June. All candidates were questioned on the same areas relevant to the role and all were assessed on how they met the essential criteria for the role. They were also asked to give a five-minute presentation setting out what they saw as the main challenges and opportunities facing IPSA over the next five years and how they, as Chair, would enable IPSA to meet the challenges and capitalise on the opportunities.

8.The Panel found that three candidates met the requirements and were appointable to the role. It provided Mr Speaker, for each interviewed candidate, with a summary of their fit with the person specification. Having carefully considered the panel’s report, Mr Speaker decided to recommend Richard Lloyd to the Speaker’s Committee as his preferred candidate for the post. At its meeting on 15 June, the Speaker’s Committee agreed to Mr Speaker’s selection of Richard Lloyd.

9.The Speaker and the Committee are entirely satisfied that the selection process was rigorous and that the panel discharged its duties conscientiously and with all due regard to the requirements of thoroughness, fairness and propriety, and to ensuring applications from a diverse range of candidates and testing all candidates on their commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion. We are grateful to Philippa Helme and her fellow panellists.

The Candidate

10.Richard Lloyd is currently a member of the IPSA board and has been Interim Chair since October 2019. He is also Senior Independent Director at the Financial Conduct Authority, a Council Member of the Advertising Standards Authority, and Vice Chair and founding trustee of the Money and Mental Health Policy Institute. He was previously Executive Director of the Consumers’ Association, Director of the Australian Consumers’ Association, and, from 2008 to 2010, a Special Adviser to the then Prime Minister. An extract from his CV is appended to this report.

11.The panel made the following comments on Richard Lloyd:

Richard gave a thoughtful presentation in which he set out not only a clear understanding of the current challenges facing IPSA but also a compelling longer-term vision for the organisation. He convinced us that he was more than just the continuity candidate and gave examples that went beyond the work he had undertaken at IPSA. He demonstrated a breadth and depth of regulatory experience, drawing on his roles at IPSA and the Financial Conduct Authority, and a clear understanding of the principles of customer service drawing on his executive experience at the Consumers’ Association. He gave impressive answers to our questions on equality, diversity and inclusion, recognising the role IPSA had to play in making Parliament a more inclusive institution. Overall, we considered that Richard was a very strong candidate who would make a good Chair of IPSA.

12.Appointments to the IPSA are made by Her Majesty on an Address from the House of Commons. The Committee invites the House to approve the appointment of Richard Lloyd OBE as Chair of IPSA for a five-year period.

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