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Appendix 3: Correspondence between the Committee Chair and Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP

Letter dated 16 June 2021 from the Committee Chair to Rt Hon Boris Johnson MP

Dear Boris

Following discussion of the Commissioner’s memorandum, the Committee is concerned that there is still uncertainty about the facts behind your registration. I have therefore been asked to make further urgent enquiries on behalf of the Committee.

I would be grateful if you could answer the following questions individually no later than 4 pm on Wednesday 23 June 2021.

1. Which villa on Mustique did you stay in?

2. Do you know who owns it? If you believe that that the owners of the villa are Sarah and Craig Richardson, as stated in media reports cited by your solicitors in their letter of 12 March 2021, is that belief based on those media reports or on other information that you hold?

3. How and when did you first discover that the villa in which you were staying did not belong to Mr Ross?

4. On what date, following your discovering that you were not staying in Mr Ross’s villa, did you first make enquiries about whose villa you were staying in and the arrangements for paying for it?

5. To whom did you address these enquiries?

6. What did you ask them?

7. What answer did you receive?

8. Is there any contemporary evidence (such as emails) of that answer? If so, please supply copies.

9. If your initial enquiries were not made to Mr Ross, when did you first ask Mr Ross about the funding arrangements for your holiday once you realised you were not staying in Mr Ross’s villa?

10. What did you ask Mr Ross at that time?

11. What answer did you receive?

12. You first mentioned the possible existence of a reciprocal agreement between Mr Ross and the Mustique Company in your letter to the Commissioner of 22 October 2020. Why did you not disclose this earlier?

Reply from Mr Johnson dated 25 June 2021

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