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Appendix 5: Correspondence between the Committee Chair and Mrs Sarah Richardson

Letter dated 16 June 2021 from the Committee Chair to Mrs Sarah Richardson

Dear Mrs Richardson

I am writing as Chair of the House of Commons Committee on Standards, following an investigation by the Parliamentary Commissioner on Standards into Mr Boris Johnson’s registration in the Register of members’ Financial Interests of free accommodation on the island of Mustique.

We understand from Mr Johnson’s solicitors that he stayed in ‘Indigo’. The Mail Online carried the following reports on 13 and 14 February 2020: “Sarah Richardson, who owns the magnificent home where the Prime Minister stayed on Mustique, confirmed that she and her husband Craig had rented it out – and that they had ‘got paid’. However, she said she had ‘no idea’ who had actually covered the cost of the rental as it had been handled by The Mustique Company, the island’s management company.”

It continued to quote you as saying the following: “We got paid for the stay – we get paid for anybody who rents our house. But we have no idea who paid for the house, whether he [Mr Johnson] did, or whoever this Mr Ross is – I don’t know who he is – paid. All I know is that we got a statement saying we received a certain amount of income as a result of our house being rented. We don’t get involved in who rents our house. That is the Mustique Company that handles that.”

The Committee feels there is still some uncertainty about the facts behind Mr Johnson’s registration. We hope that you might therefore be able to clarify some facts for us.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause you, but would be grateful if you could answer the following questions by 4pm, UK time, on Wednesday 23 June 2021.

1. Did Mr Johnson stay in Indigo and does it belong to you?

2. Were you, as the Mail claims you confirmed, ‘paid’ for Mr Johnson’s stay? If so, when and by whom were you paid, what was the nature of that payment (whether financial or in kind), and what was the value of that payment?

3. Do you have any contemporary evidence (such as emails or invoices) that you could provide?

4. When did you become aware that Mr Johnson was staying or had stayed in your villa?

5. Have you spoken or corresponded with Mr Johnson in any way since his stay on this matter?

Please be assured that we would keep any private information you supply confidential.

Reply from Mrs Richardson dated 23 June 2021

Dear Mr. Bryant,

We are in receipt of your letter of inquiry dated 16 June 2021.

In response, please see below:

We no longer own Indigo, a villa on Mustique.

The Mustique Company is solely responsible for arranging and handling Mr. Johnson’s visit to Mustique. I do not recall the exact dates. We were not involved in any arrangements. We did not know of Mr Johnson’s intended stay until perhaps a day or two before his arrival. We understood that there was very strict adherence to security measures. We did receive financial payment from The Mustique Company for the rental of Indigo during Mr. Johnson’s stay. I do not recall the exact amount we received but it was appropriate to the rental rates at that time.

We have never met Mr. Johnson. We have never communicated with Mr. Johnson.

Please contact The Mustique Company for information pertaining to this matter: Roger Pritchard, Managing Director of The Mustique Company

Andrew Roger, Attorney for The Mustique Company

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