The Future Framework for Regulation of Financial Services Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

FFS numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Anonymous (FFS0026)

2Anonymous (FFS0070)

3Anonymous (FFS0056)

4Anonymous (FFS0001)

5Aldermore Bank (FFS0007)

6Amigo Loans (FFS0060)

7Aon UK (FFS0035)

8Association of British Insurers (FFS0062)

9Association of Investment Companies (FFS0010)

10Aviva (FFS0049)

11Aviva (FFS0009)

12BVCA (FFS0072)

13Bank of England (FFS0080)

14Barclays (FFS0066)

15Bavoso, Dr Vincenzo (Senior Lecturer in Commercial Law, Law School, University of Manchester) (FFS0023)

16ClientEarth (FFS0077)

17Confederation of British Industry (FFS0025)

18Consumer Credit Trade Association (CCTA) (FFS0029)

19Envestnet Yodlee (FFS0011)

20Euroclear UK & Ireland Limited (FFS0028)

21FCA Practitioner Panel (FFS0037)

22Federated Hermes Inc. (FFS0003)

23Finance & Leasing Association (FFS0002)

24Finance Innovation Lab (FFS0031)

25Financial Conduct Authority (FFS0027)

26Financial Inclusion Centre (FFS0073)

27Financial Inclusion Commission (FFS0075)

28Financial Services Skills Commission (FFS0034)

29Finanical Services Consumer Panel (FFS0064)

30Fintech Founders (FFS0041)

31Funding Circle (FFS0059)

32Hall, Professor Sarah (Professor of Economic Geography and Senior Fellow, University of Nottingham and UK in a Changing Europe); and Dr Martin Heneghan (Research Fellow, University of Nottingham) (FFS0032)

33Hannaford Associates Ltd (FFS0019)

34Innovate Finance (FFS0052)

35Intercontinental Exchange (FFS0058)

36International Regulatory Strategy Group (FFS0048)

37Investment & Life Assurance Group (FFS0054)

38Lane Clark and Peacock (FFS0012)

39Legal & General Group (FFS0020)

40Lloyd’s (FFS0047)

41Loan Market Association (FFS0021)

42London and International Insurance Brokers’ Association (LIIBA) (FFS0042)

43Lyddon Consulting Services Limited (FFS0017)

44Mid-Tier banks (FFS0083)

45New City Initiative (FFS0014)

46Office of the City Remembrancer, City of London Corporation (FFS0069)

47Office of the City Remembrancer, City of London Corporation (FFS0045)

48Pension Insurance Corporation plc; and New Financial LLP (FFS0036)

49Positive Money (FFS0044)

50PwC (FFS0050)

51Quoted Companies Alliance (FFS0022)

52Quoted Companies Alliance (FFS0015)

53ShareAction (FFS0061)

54Spotlight on Corruption (FFS0079)

55Swiss Euro Clearing Bank (FFS0016)

56The Consumer Council (FFS0030)

57The Investment Association (FFS0081)

58The Money Charity (FFS0038)

59The True and Fair Campaign (FFS0074)

60TheCityUK (FFS0068)

61Third Generation Environmentalism (E3G) (FFS0063)

62Turnbull, Dr Shann (Principal, International Institute for Self-governance) (FFS0043)

63Tyfield, Sam (FFS0013)

64UK Finance (FFS0055)

65UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association (UKSIF) (FFS0051)

66United Kingdom Shareholders’ Association (UKSA); and UK Individual Shareholders Society (ShareSoc) (FFS0067)

67Vanguard Asset Management, Limited (FFS0024)

68White, Martin (Director, United Kingdom Shareholders’ Association (UKSA)) (FFS0082)

69Zurich Insurance (FFS0078)

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