The appointment of Sarah Breeden to the Financial Policy Committee Contents

1The appointment of Sarah Breeden

Background on Sarah Breeden

4.Sarah Breeden joined the Bank of England’s Financial Policy Committee on 27 May 2021, on appointment as Bank of England’s Executive Director for Financial Stability Strategy and Risk.

5.Ms Breeden has worked in the Bank of England throughout her career, and joined that bank on leaving university in 1991. She has held a number of senior roles in the Bank of England, including Executive Director, UK Deposit Takers Supervision, Executive Sponsor, Climate Change, Executive Director, International Bank Supervision and Head of Division then Interim Director, Financial Stability Strategy & Risk.

Our evidence

6.In oral evidence, we questioned Sarah Breeden on the work of the FPC. Topics covered during the session included:


7.We are satisfied that Sarah Breeden has the appropriate professional competence and personal independence to become a member of the Financial Policy Committee. We wish her every success.

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