Levelling Up and equality: a new framework for change Contents

Published written evidence

The following written evidence was received and can be viewed on the inquiry publications page of the Committee’s website.

GEO numbers are generated by the evidence processing system and so may not be complete.

1Alliance, UK CSW (GEO0045)

2Amnesty International UK (GEO0026)

3Badenoch, Kemi (Minister for Equalities, Government Equalities Office) (GEO0054)

4Bartlett, Ms M (Ambulance Care Assistant, NHS) (GEO0008)

5Bell, Marcus (Director, Equality Hub) (GEO0055)

6Bell, Marcus (Director, Equality Hub) (GEO0053)

7Berridge, Baroness (Minister for Women, Government Equalities Office) (GEO0052)

8Business in the Community (GEO0028)

9Business Disability Forum (GEO0048)

10Buttolph, Ms Mary (GEO0027)

11Centre for Ageing Better (GEO0018)

12Centre for Social Justice (GEO0003)

13Christian Concern (GEO0015)

14Conservatives For Women (GEO0033)

15Core Issues Trust (CIT); and International Federation for Therapeutic Choice (IFTCC) (GEO0016)

16Core Issues Trust; and International Federation for Therapeutic and Counselling Choice (GEO0022)

17Cotes, Baroness Morgan of (GEO0056)

18Devine, Cathy (GEO0039)

19Earl, Ms Sarra (GEO0034)

20Equality Hub (GEO0042)

21Equality and Human Rights Commission (GEO0044)

22Equally Ours (GEO0047)

23Fair Play South (GEO0043)

24Government, Equality hub and (GEO0051)

25Government, Institute for (GEO0049)

26Higham, Mrs Eileen (GEO0011)

27Just Fair (GEO0024)

28Keep Prisons Single Sex (GEO0004)

29LGB Alliance (GEO0036)

30LGBT Foundation (GEO0040)

31Labour Women’s Declaration (GEO0010)

32Lawson, Dr Annette (Ambassador, NAWO - also Chair, the Judith Trust) (GEO0035)

33Mencap (GEO0031)

34Mermaids (GEO0014)

35Milner, Professor Susan (Professor, University of Bath) (GEO0023)

36Nokes, Caroline (GEO0050)

37Nordic Model Now! (GEO0009)

38Northern Ireland Women’s European Platform (GEO0020)

39Safe Schools Alliance UK (GEO0029)

40SightSavers (GEO0038)

41Stonewall (GEO0046)

42The Fawcett Society (GEO0032)

43The Rt Hon Theresa May MP (GEO0057)

44Women’s Aid Federation of England (GEO0007)

45Member of the public (GEO0013)

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