High Speed Rail (London - West Midlands) Bill Contents


This report contains the final directions and recommendations of the Select Committee on the High Speed 2 Phase One Hybrid Bill after 160 days of sittings over nearly two years.

Our responsibility was to hear petitions from those specially and directly affected by the Bill and, where we believed it was appropriate, to suggest modifications, assurances, undertakings or mitigation to address petitioners’ concerns.

We have directed a number of amendments to the proposed HS2 Phase One project. Notably, we have directed a longer Chilterns bored tunnel, greater noise protection for Wendover, better construction arrangements in Hillingdon, and a remodelled maintenance depot at Washwood Heath to maximise local job opportunities. We have said there should be a coherent approach to the redevelopment of Euston.

In many cases not specifically mentioned in this report we have intervened to encourage fairness, practical settlements, the giving of assurances, or better mitigation.

We have recommended amendments to the operation of the discretionary compensation schemes which we believe will result in greater fairness and a more functional property market in areas near to the proposed line.

We also suggest improvements to the procedure for dealing with hybrid bills. We trust they will help achieve better processes for the further anticipated phases of HS2.

Our work on Phase One, we believe, helps to add substantial environmental, social and design benefits to the scheme, commensurate with good use of public money and a viable engineering design.

Robert Syms MP, Chair of the HS2 Select Committee

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Prepared 29 February 2016