Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments Seventh Report


Memorandum by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

CONSULAR FEES ORDER 1997 (S.I. 1997/1314)

  1. The Committee has raised the following point on the above Instrument:

    This instrument increases the fees for settlement and marriage visas. Explain why the Explanatory Note does not (as contemplated by paragraph 2.77 of Statutory Instrument Practice) indicate the old fees or the amount of the increase.

  2. This information was omitted from the Explanatory Note in error. The error is regretted. Paragraph 2.77 of Statutory Instrument Practice will be observed when similar orders are made in the future.

  3. The marriage and settlement visa fees have each been increased by approximately 14%, from £210 to £240.

7th July 1997

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Prepared 31 July 1997