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Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments Tenth Report


Memorandum by the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions


  1. At its meeting on 22 July the Committee requested a memorandum about this instrument on the following point.

    Regulation 5 includes an increase in the fee payable for the supply of 100 forms of test certificate from £36.00 to £49.00. Explain the circumstances occasioning an increase of this size.

  2. By regulation 25(2) of the Motor Vehicles (Tests) Regulations 1981, the Secretary of State may make a charge at the prescribed rate for the supply of 100 blank "MOT" test certificates. In practice this charge is made by the Department's Vehicle Inspectorate Executive Agency ("the Vehicle Inspectorate").

  3. The day to day administration and supervision of the "MOT" testing scheme by the Vehicle Inspectorate is entirely funded by income generated from the supply of blank "MOT" test certificates. The charge made under regulation 25(2) is set at a level which enables the Inspectorate to recover the costs of carrying out this function. This charge is reviewed annually to ensure that the income for the subsequent year will enable the Inspectorate to maintain an adequate level of management and supervision in respect of the 19,000 private sector "MOT" testing stations.

  4. With effect from 1 August the prescribed rate will be increased by £13. Of this, £6 is necessary to offset a projected deficit resulting not only from an increase in both postal and printing costs but also from the supply of fewer test certificates during the last 12 months than was initially forecast. The balance of the increase will be used to fund the procurement of a central computer database which will be linked to all "MOT" testing stations. This will enable the Inspectorate to improve its administration and supervision and to disseminate information to testing stations more efficiently. In due course, computerisation is expected to contribute towards both an improvement in testing standards and an increase in compliance with the requirement to have vehicles "MOT" tested.

19th July 1997

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Prepared 7 November 1997