Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments Thirteenth Report


Memorandum by HM Treasury


  The Committee's letter of 5 November 1997 asks for a memorandum from HM Treasury on the following point:

    "Since this instrument corrects an error in an earlier instrument, has the Department (as required by paragraph 3.24 of Statutory Instrument Practice) made arrangements for copies of the amending instrument to be made available free of charge to all known recipients of the earlier instrument? If so, explain why the amending instrument does not bear a headnote to that effect (see paragraph 3.25 of Statutory Instrument Practice). "

  The Treasury very much regrets that paragraphs 3.24 and 3.25 of the Statutory Instrument Practice were overlooked, and that the established practice set out in those paragraphs has thus not been followed. The Treasury confirm that they have been in touch with the Stationery Office. Arrangements are now in place so that new purchasers of the principal Regulations (S.I. 1997 No. 817) will receive a copy of the amending Regulations at the same time, without charge, incorporated in the document; and copies of the amending Regulations are being reprinted so as to make clear that they are free to those who bought the principal Regulations on an earlier occasion. The Treasury have carefully considered whether purchasers of the principal Regulations who have an account at the Stationery Office should receive a credit of the appropriate amount. The amending Regulations were priced at 65p, and the cost of re-crediting the relevant accounts is felt to be disproportionate. There are about 600 accounts, and the cost of making the appropriate arrangements would be about £890.

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Prepared 19 December 1997