Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments Fourteenth Report


Memorandum by the Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions


  The Committee has requested a memorandum on the following point:

    Article 2 specifies Bedford Bereavement Care Limited and Wansbeck Energy Company Limited as bodies appearing to the Secretary of State to be exercising functions of a public nature. Explain what the functions of each of these bodies are which made it appear to the Secretary of State that they are of a public nature.

  Bedford Bereavement Care Limited is a company set up to manage and maintain more effectively, and more economically, the cemeteries and crematoria within the area of Bedford Borough Council ("the council"). It was set up to perform the functions of the council under section 214 of, and Schedule 26 to, the Local Government Act 1972 (cemeteries and crematoria). The company's articles of association prevent it from undertaking work the council would not have power to do.

  Wansbeck Energy Company Limited aims to promote the efficient local use of energy and to educate the public in energy efficiency. It receives grants from the European Union and from central Government to achieve those objectives.

17th November 1997

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Prepared 12 January 1998