Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments Twentieth Report


Memorandum by HM Treasury


The Joint Committee requested a memorandum on the following points:

    (1)  Regulation 10(11) inserts into Form 34 (in Schedule 2 to the 1996 Regulations) a new paragraph 8 containing a reference to the "amount stated under paragraph 8(a) above". Identify this amount and the provision under which it is stated.

    (2)  Regulation 10(13) adds to Form 36 two paragraphs of instruction paragraph 1 of which contains a reference to including a statement of the rate of conversion of a foreign currency "in column 1 to this form". Identify this column.

On point (1), there is in fact no amount stated under paragraph 8(a) above. This instruction was included in error and HM Treasury regrets the error. This instruction (which contains an unnecessary definition of "claims frequency") is therefore redundant.

On point (2), the column is the column entitled "No. of units to £ sterling".

An early opportunity will be taken to correct the error in point (1) by deleting the instruction and to clarify point (2).

15th January 1998

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Prepared 16 February 1998