Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments Twenty-First Report


Memorandum by the Department of the Environment, Transport

and the Regions


At its meeting on 20 January the Committee instructed that the Department be requested to submit a Memorandum on two points.

Regulation 5(1) applies in relation to an event occurring "after 31 January 1998", whereas regulation 6 applies in relation to an event occurring "on or after 31 January 1998". Explain the reason for this difference.

The intention underlying regulation 5 is that its requirements should apply when the holder of a licence surrenders it in February 1998 or a subsequent month. Hence, it only applies where a licence is surrendered after 31st January. Regulation 6, however, is aimed at licences expiring at the end of January 1998 or later. Thus, where a vehicle licence (which may be granted for a period of 6 months or 12 months) expires on the last day of January 1998, the requirements of regulation 6 will apply if a new licence is not taken out to run from the first day of February. If regulation 6 had referred to "after 31st January 1998" it would not have to be complied with until the beginning of March.

    In relation to regulation 5, explain whether it is intended that the holder of a vehicle licence should make the required declaration and furnish the required particulars when he surrenders the licence. If this is not the intention, what is the period within which he must make that declaration and furnish those particulars?

The intention is that, where a vehicle licence is surrendered, the holder must make the required declaration and furnish the required particulars at the time the surrender is made.

26th January 1998

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Prepared 20 February 1998