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Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments First Special Report



Each Department was requested to submit a return on instruments which had been reported to both Houses in 1997 (i.e. any instrument the title of which is listed in bold on the cover of 8th -16th Reports of Session 1996-97 and 1st -17th Reports of 1997-98). Departments were given a form in which to submit their response, to be headed by the name of the department and the total number of instruments reported on in the calendar year. The key to the table is as follows:

a.    JCSI Report - lists only those Reports which concern the particular department. Nil returns were not required.

b.    SI or SR title - full title and number as it appears on the cover of the Report.

c.    Point - number of points taken on the instrument in the order addressed in the Report, for example, doubtful vires, elucidation required or defective drafting.

d.    Type of response - classified as follows:-

e.    Observations - used for explanations of other entries, including reasons for no action being needed, estimates of dates of action and noting of points on which the Department is in disagreement with the Committee.

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Prepared 15 April 1998